Microsoft And Google Will Display Your Time Of The RSS Marketing Informatics

Many internet marketers are still wondering whether to start marketing with RSS or not. It seems that not even all the case studies, the hard numbers and benefits available can not convince them, or everyone would be jumping on the RSS wagon by now. Steve Wozniak often addresses the matter in his writings. As an overview, here are some of the benefits of marketing are losing by not marketing with RSS: A 100% delivery of their marketing, relationship building and educational messages to their subscribers, customers, potential customers and partners. E-mail is not delivered, but with RSS you will achieve 100% delivery. B Increased search engine rankings and quick content indexing, and increased traffic from other RSS-enabled online sources. C Getting your internet content published on other websites.

D Generating new subscribers more easily and quickly. E and more? Even if you do not believe that RSS is used by enough people now that there is not excuse not to start using it as a vehicle for generating more traffic to their sites. But soon all this will change, too. As was widely expected, Microsoft is integrating RSS support in the next version of Internet Explorer, and perhaps even more importantly, making it an integral part of its long-awaited Longhorn operating system. What does this mean for sellers? A By being integrated in IE and other Microsoft software, RSS will achieve mass penetration. For sellers, this means that RSS will finally become one of the standard tools of mass communication and content delivery. In addition, Internet users begin to expect marketing RSS, probably even more than e-mail newsletters.