Colony Chico Mendes

Manoel and Mrs. Sueli appeared, one of the first inhabitants. Immediately afterwards, it came the family of Mrs. Glorinha, Mrs. Alda and of Mr. Valentire, together they will congregate and they had organized the first election of this community, having been elect Captain Evanildo, who brought some innovations for community, as the implantation of a club of mothers and a day-care center that took care of good part of families, being the fight biggest would be the construction of a school. Currently the community is without president, only counting only on the communitarian chairman of the board who is Mr.

Juarez where he searchs to develop communitarian meetings, the quarter today has 18 years of foundation for the association of inhabitants. The population isolated itself of the social point of view, therefore the urban infrastructure still is precarious, not taking care of to all the community. The Ducke Reserve keeps narrow relation with the community, therefore from there fruits, remedies leave and wood, beyond the hunting and of fishes. The Colony Chico Mendes, for is a little moved away from the urban area functions as a strategical point for the industrial circulation, starts to direct its activity to the extrativismo, culture of agricultures based in properties of values added in its production. It blunts, also, as an agricultural community in opened urban space inside of the city of Manaus, that according to SOARES2 ' ' urban agriculture comes if constituting as world-wide an urban concern, the result of this, it could only be the relation that the occupation of informal types and the production of an agricultural space the urban context has with its costs and Inter-relations with the ambient problems urbanos' '. The horticulture carried through in the community understands the open spaces practised in the urban perimeter, having as objective to divulge the activity developed for the agriculturists of the area in propitious environments the urban life, as the sales of the products cost lowest food for the proper community.