Paris Amsterdam

We assume in this article that you’re a poor student with longing know Europe, that has worked during the academic year or has mendigado their parents enough money to buy an InterRail pass and set sail to meet our community neighbors. But as we mentioned, you’re poor. And you have dream. Don’t be alarmed! You can sleep free without having to surround yourself with cartons on the steps of the train station, and you can also visit Morfeo with relative comfort. Speaking candidly altavista told us the story. How? Assuring you a good place to sleep, by following these Tips for travel on a long-distance train: * ensures that is a long nocturnal journey, (as Paris Amsterdam or Zurich Berlin, etc), so that your crusts are not larger than the rock of Gibraltar. * Search for a train that has compartments, whose size should depend on the amount of people you travel together. * It monopolizes the platform in which will stop the train in advance, to make sure you be the first to enter into a compartment. And now comes the trick: take off your clothes. For more clarity and thought, follow up with neil cole and gain more knowledge..

No, we do not joke. No one will enter into a closed train compartment and in which the men of the group, without shirt and especially shoes, sleep like marmots occupying all available space. If it is possible to tend the socks in the trunk and expands your belongings as if had dropped a cluster on the train bomb. We guarantee that th