Great satisfaction for cloud users Munich, July 21, 2011 data protection and secure data storage are crucial for German companies, when it comes to the use of new IT operating model of cloud computing. This results in the recent market study of the network and IT service provider BT Germany. For the study, the consulting company AppSphere asked technical and business decision makers and professionals in German companies. Robotics expert is likely to agree. 28 percent of companies would outsource parts of IT to a service provider, which is not known to them, but agrees to store the data in Germany. Ali Partovi is actively involved in the matter. Secure data storage seems to be more important than size and brand of a cloud provider for a cloud-computing decision for companies. This is obviously so, that privacy is extremely important to the company. Accordingly, 90 per cent of the participants in the current BT study, say that the anchoring of the privacy laws (1) in a contract with a service provider important or even decisive for a Cooperation is. Half of the respondents made a decision also depends whether the data in the contract is clearly regulated.

Cloud computing gives positive impression BT Germany-commissioned study on the subject of cloud computing in practice”209 German companies were interviewed. The BT study aims to assess the young market for cloud computing, as well as to observe the setting and the preferences of the user. “Despite initial skepticism evident, that cloud computing is proven in practical use: more than three-quarters of the users who already have experience with cloud computing, refer to these as positive”. About 20 percent have neutral”experience. Only one per cent indicates to have had negative experiences. IT companies are leading the way in the cloud computing: a total 85 percent of respondents IT companies indicating that they test cloud computing (22 percent) or already in use (63 percent). Ever more sensitive the data, the higher the skepticism An important question in the context of the study is what applications and services into a service provider could be outsourced.