Today many parents are forced to work very hard to send their children to the best schools. Both parents work more than 8 hours a day in order to pay the famous Board, borrow whenever they have to pay the tuition and without saying the school supplies list where many pseudo teachers collude with publishers to ask, say better demand to buy expensive books, what good business! Parents deceive yes same thinking that that is the best for their children. You can sometimes even see them returning from school since both work. Child arrives at his home, heat your lunch in the microwave, eats looking stupid noon programs. Then it gets to do the tasks. Many parents believe that a good school is the one that leaves many tasks, because they want that his son is very busy with them so that you don’t think about other things. At night, when parents arrive, the typical question is: did you do the tasks?.

Then follows a routine review, the Classic scolding if the child did not make them according to the standards of the father. If the father made them properly rewarded authorizing the use of video games or with an exit to the cinema on weekends. Recall a story of Leo Buscaglia, remembered Dr. Amor to continue commenting on education. School of animal a rabbit, a bird, a fish, a squirrel, a duck and other animals, gathered to found a school and sat down to write the program of studies. The rabbit wanted that the race should be included in the program. Bird wanted to include the technique of flying.

The fish, swimming. The squirrel insisted that should add mode climb trees perpendicular. Other animals also wanted to include their specialty in the program so that they scored everything and made the great mistake of requiring that all animals jobseekers all of the materials.