The Growth

Within a few days with regular use of active absorbent surface of the carbon filters covered with a layer of the filtrate , airborne dust and at room temperature becomes a breeding ground in which breeding and various kinds of bacteria and microorganisms. Manufacturers of filters are in no hurry to explain to customers that "the huge emissions of 'bacteria 5-7 days after the commencement of operation of the new filter – a very common phenomenon. Accumulated inside the sorbent elements of the dirt and brought up on them all sorts of bacteria colonies at any time digging out. Must also take into account that most filters are not designed for our tap water with a constantly changing chemical composition. In this connection, the complexity of determining the moment when the filter element generates the resource itself becomes a source of danger. Activated carbon – the basic component of almost any water purification system. Often it is administered components, saturating the water with silver ions, and in commercial advertising is, of course, is presented as a virtue.

Previously it was thought that silver disinfects water. It is alleged kills bacteria by their ions. We used silver utensils, silver spoons. In fact, silver is only inhibits the growth of bacteria. And once they get into the environment with a lower concentration of silver ions, they again begin to actively proliferate.

Prolonged use of silver for the disinfection of drinking water is simply unacceptable, it leads to the accumulation of heavy metal ions in the body, the consequences of which can be serious diseases of internal organs. Carbon tapes and liners for the filters to clean water is required to regularly change, because coal is clogged and loses its cleaning ability. Then the water just goes around coal, and without any treatment is flowing over its surface, which has already taken care of all that I could. Thus, household water-purifying filter itself becomes a source of water contamination. Summarizing the above, we can confidently say: Our tap water is, in essence, water technology. For many indicators of such water is dangerous for drinking and cooking, and only tactical considerations do not allow regional administrations formally give tap water that rightfully belongs to her status.