Working In San Quirze

If any person working in the Savings Bank of San Quirze, from the President to the Director of the Office knew anything about this, quickly look for another job. Meanwhile, everyone is talking about expanding their international investments, of which you see I do not have the slightest idea. How are they financed the conduits? In other words, where do they get money to buy the Bank of Illinois mortgage packages? In several places: Through loans from other banks (4th Comment: ball is still getting bigger) Hiring the services of investment banks can sell the MBS to Investment Funds, Venture Capital Companies, Insurance Companies, Financial Holding companies of a family, etc.

(5th Comment: Notice that the danger we are getting closer, not Spain, but to our family, as well, encouraged by the Director of the office of San Quirze, I go and put my money in an investment fund) What Happens is that to be “financially correct”, the MBS conduits or had to be well described by the rating agencies that give ratings in terms of solvency. These ratings say, “this company in this state, this organization will lend you money without risk”, or “beware of these other risk because you do not get paid.” I include here what I said the word “Rating” in this dictionary, so to have it all in the same block: RATING. Rating of a company or an institution made by a specialized agency. In Spain, the lead agency in this field is Fitch Ratings.