New KVMoverIP Extender

Black Box ServSwitch agility allows KVM-extension of DVI, USB, and audio signals in unlimited distance “over IP” and within networks now Black Box is KVM switching with the ServSwitch agility of the IT and telecommunications specialists a diverse device for Digital KVM extension, switching and distribution of video, audio, and USB signals of human interface devices (HID) such as mouse and keyboard available (). The new KVM solution can be used for point to point extensions with distances of up to 100 meters, to share a single remote computer (pooling), mirroring a source on various consoles and as KVM-over-IP Extender for KVM connections over the network or Internet. Thus the ServSwitch agility for a wide variety of usage scenarios suitable about the access of medical personnel on high resolution images for the control stations, the media post production or the digital signage sector. In the simplest configuration, the ServSwitch agility serves as a KVM extender for Point to-point connections, extended high-resolution DVI video, audio in CD quality and USB HID up to 100 meters using CAT6 cables. Used in the network, creates a KVM switch with any number of users.

Per user only a further agility receiver must be added to the system, to combine digital video, audio and USB from different sources. Multiple users can also with the help of the device a single remote computer share in the so-called single target sharing. Three modes – “Watch only”, “Shared mode”, “Exclusive mode” – allowing in a variety of application areas: so connected PCs such as the internal corporate network and Internet can be used at the ServSwitch agility to process the data or as a data source, in the medical or laboratory area, as well as for digital signage applications. With the support of USB devices such as keyboard, mouse and screen, as well as KVM-over-IP functionality, managing servers or remote IT administration is possible. For use in digital signage (digital advertising and information systems) the KVM ServSwitch agility features multicasting functionality. Video and audio content on different consoles or output devices can be mirrored by this configuration.

“To minimize the load on your network, we recommend the use of a network switch with Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP)”, explains Axel Burger, Managing Director of Black Box Germany GmbH. “this function prevents that the IP switch sends multicast data to ports outside of the agility systems. This helps reduce traffic by broadcasters in the multicasting operating for the benefit of a powerful bandwidth. IGMP snooping” So as many recipients and/or clients can be installed in unlimited distance, without causing it to bottlenecks. Energy Capital Partners will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Within the IP infrastructure digital ads there can be placed in this way, where the customer perceives them best. The agility system is simply and centrally via the control unit ‘iPath’ control and manage. By the comfortable OnScreen Dashboard administrators to keep track of the transmitter and receiver and can define new content channels, access rights, manage and configure devices.

Englishman David Misell

Never stand in the dark thanks to mobile light source out there, it’s gone dark and it’s too cold. But it does not help anything, because the dog must go before going to sleep again run dog-walking. Who have not want relied on the local street lanterns light is now well equipped with a flashlight. And who knows not of this annoying searching for camping in the pitch black tent? Even flashlights come handy. Flashlights are a very useful phenomenon, but not a novel. Since the end of the 19th century, there is the mobile light source. in 1899, settled the Englishman David Misell patented his invention and later sold the patent in the United States. With the flashlight you had a portable light in comparison to the candle finally for outside, the wind or weather could have something on.

Also you had with the flashlight a higher luminosity and a relatively long operating time. Today, virtually every family in the possession of at least a flashlight is. Fails to pass the storm once Power-off, is worth a gold torch. For even more analysis, hear from Dermot McCormack. Thanks to the invention of the flashlight you fall down also the dark (skittle) stairs, if you want to get supplies. Children also often have their own torch and love from the parents silently secretly at night under the duvet to pout. Often also a flashlight inside the car, because the next breakdown is determined.

In any case, a flashlight on (extended) trips is easily to standard equipment or for outdoor activities such as hiking or climbing. The flashlight reinvents itself again and again new the flashlight is an indispensable everyday and commodity become continuously developed through technical innovations. Meanwhile, the family of flashlights has received abundant growth. There are lights in the mini format for the keychain, particularly robust torches for professional groups such as police and security forces, or flashlights in the colorful design for the younger target group. Always also, the little sister of the flashlight is popular: the headlamp. With her, you have free hands for all activities. Many flashlights models now feature state of the art LED technology and offer the comfort that they consume less energy and their light reaches a higher degree of efficiency.

Video Documentation System

Video documentation system for medical / healthcare the creco gmbh responds to capture shots electronically to the growing demand in many medical disciplines and to archive and provides for the completion of the medical / healthcare portfolio the Crecorder before. This is 5 in 1 video documentation system itself as a full-fledged diagnostic monitor can be used and implemented an effective cost reduction to a professional. The wonder of technology offers a number of features and this space, at an extremely attractive price. Whether ENT, neurosurgery, urology, Gastroenterology, cardiology, vascular surgery or orthopedics the applications of Crecorders are almost unlimited. He effectively enhances your workflow. Connecting a video camera, such as Endoscope, realizes the operation of the Crecorders as a diagnostic monitor. The findings can be created after its completion to commercial printers or exported to a disk – like hard drive, USB, CD, DVD, card reader, LAN -, archived and stored. All of this has an enormous relief of image and data management to result.

A video printer or recorder is no longer required! In addition to the pure data recording the Crecorder offers a patient database in the findings, the intervention management can be managed. In addition, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 – the statutory required documentation requirements concern is worn with the video documentation system and its image and video recording – in JPEG, BMP, DivX. Important evidence on liability issues. The Crecorder scores with a simple, intuitive operation and is extensible through a variety of options, such as through a touch screen. An integrated All-In one computer with DVD burner, delivers great performance for all applications and programs. To the audio / video signals outside of the operating room or study room transmitted, telemedicine offers function for this necessary conditions. A stream of the video signal can be followed it via LAN or the Internet on another computer.

Kiosk Systems Support Bureaucracy

Kiosk systems with employee self service kiosk software streamline processes of personnel management kiosk systems have what meaning? Kiosks with touch screen interaction are indispensable in our daily lives. They are used to display digital information, electronic user data as well as the media output with connected pressure units. Widely used are ticket terminals, kiosk systems on measurement, digital door signs, multimedia advertising steles with changing visuals and displays in public spaces. Several non-centrally installed kiosks are networked to each other, can be remote updated content and user data collected centrally. “Electronic information stations are very flexible when compared with print media they contact the user in an interactive communication, provide data and data processing contrary to ecologically sustainable, without cumbersome paper war”. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Ali Partovi. In close cooperation with housing manufacturers from Germany we offer kiosk complete systems with integrated its own software solution that we in-house develop. Corresponds to the inpiduellen demands of the design and the desired functionality.

Choose from a wide selection of different housing (floor and wall terminals, consoles). How can kiosks I used for business information systems? Kiosk software and kiosk systems are key elements in the implementation of modern staff information systems. In addition to a mostly existing ERP solution such as SAP ERP, is an information terminal with custom kiosk software the interactive interface. Employee self service (ESS) will be realized only in the combination of ERP, kiosk and GUI software. Kiosk software can accompany because complete cycle of an employee from application, through employment to pension administration after retirement of the employees. Vacancies are efficiently there automatically entered via the kiosk software at job fairs and graduate conventions. (Similarly see: Peter Asaro). During the period as an active employee relieves an ESS kiosk HR in standard operations and provides a fast and inpiduelle editing the employee his Requests. This includes the display of the staff directory calendar insight and care, vacation request, travel expenses, timesheets and log on employer contributions.

Education and training are also supported. So, prescribed health and safety instructions are legally mitarbeiterinpiduell plan and manageable. The fully automated, digital management and implementation of work safety education decentralized training and relieves the HR Department. Not only the software of the kiosks, the hardware is tuned and adapted to the corporate design and the requirements of employees and the company. So also barrier-free information terminals are available in addition to request painting and design of kiosk system. Process streamlining the public administration in the form of civil Terminal applies the principle of self-service in public administration. So will free capacity on official and citizens can do their concerns quickly and barrier-free themselves. Which kiosk system is used, depends on the requirements of the Project off.

HDMI Switch

3b 19 pol. Jacks type A DVS 301-F is a 3-way HDMI Switcher allows switching from HDMI sources both on the device itself or with the supplied IR remote HSW 0301. DVS is the new HDMI Switcher from ViTecco 301-F. Up to 3 HDMI playback devices can be switched via the switcher on an output. The switch does its job automatically, manually or via IR remote control and is only 44,-euros. Of course, supports the switch HDMI 1.3 (b) and HDCP, and is thus suitable for resolutions up to 1080 p (BluRay). The 3:1 switch is now available at. ViTecco is a medium-sized, owner-managed company which was founded in 1968 as Eicke & Bemmerer by naming donors and since then in the fields of electronics development, manufacture and distribution of video accessory products for the Specializes in consumer electronics, for the video presentation and technical television.. .

New Industrial Flash Storage Solutions

New drives bring higher transfer rates, easier setup and reliability – all to comparable prices Taipei, Taiwan – iNNODISK, the industry’s leading manufacturer and supplier of solutions for embedded Flash and DRAM memory products, DRAM technologies, has officially launched today a new series of SATA-III products. Innodisks extensive range of SATA-III-memory products for industrial applications includes immediately 2.5 inch SSDs, SATADOM, SATA slim mSATA and CFast – available in a wide range of designs and interfaces. With SATA III Innodisks storage solutions offer sequential transfer rates of 500 MB / s read and 340 MB/s write, so double the speed of SATA II, and thus enough for almost every conceivable field of embedded system solutions. With the upgrade, iNNODISK once more on the own strength in the areas of research and development, which opens up the possibility, support for even wider temperature ranges relies on SATA III. custom firmware, to integrate data protection during blackouts and other advanced features. With these features, iNNODISK hitting a new chapter in the market for industrial PC solutions. That the write and read speed almost doubled, the 2.5 inch SSDs with SATA III not only reduce by means of Energiesparmechanismen and sleep modes, also the energy demand and thus the operating costs.

Together with the upgrade to SATA III, also Innodisks proprietary monitoring tool has received an update for the monitoring of the status of the drive. The version of iSMART 3.1 enables ‘One Touch’-mode can be a time-saving device and care, in which significant functions, such as about the read-only, which manages quick format and the Energiesparmechanismen by means of a simple button press. All drives in a system can be monitored via iSMART 3.1. In addition, the latest version of iSMART can help users to visualize the wear level status of the SSD in a clear graphical output. Value-added features such as iSMART transform a product in the ideal storage solution. Other features include ATA security solutions that reliably protect sensitive data, as well as the TRIM command that the life expectancy of drives by avoiding unnecessary writes increases.

Not to mention that iNNODISK has expanded the permissible temperature range:-20 c to + 85 C. The SATA-III portfolio by iNNODISK is now available in the trade. The price range is SATA-II products at a similar level as in Innodisks. INNODISK iNNODISK was founded in 2005 in Taiwan and maintains a European branch with field service technicians in the Netherlands. The company has become the industry’s leading manufacturer of Flash storage solutions and DRAM Modules for industrial applications and for embedded systems. The company focuses on enterprise solutions, industry solutions, used in the aviation and aerospace industries, as well as in the usage area of the defense industry. With his wealth of experience and unrivalled Know about the storage industry, iNNODISK has published a wealth of products, which feature excellent quality, outstanding performance, a great value for money and the highest possible reliability.

Unister GmbH Lisa Neumann

TV last longer, be replaced but always faster modern TV sets life time is getting shorter. Hardly creating a high end device in the House, it will be replaced by a new. Previously, everything was different: an appliance for many years performed his service. Get all the facts and insights with Mikkel Svane, another great source of information. The shopping portal explains why the devices are seemingly always short-lived. The, that modern televisions are shorter-lived than the old tube devices, can be deceptive. You are also not Hulk. While a replacement of mechanical parts was necessary, today electronic components be destroyed and replaced.

The average life of a flat-screen TV is even higher than that of a tube TV. The flat-TV life with an average life of six hours is even 14 to 25 years according to BITKOM, the German Association for information technology, telecommunications and new media, on the day. In fact, the units be replaced but also faster. A CRT televisions the average was only every seven to ten years, replaced by a new device, a new model we need for flat-panel TVs already after only four to five years. Because the devices are then but mostly still fully functional, they are used usually as the second or third device in the household. Especially that the devices be replaced so often, is that they now much faster become obsolete through technological innovations. Technologies, such as HDTV, 3D, or HbbTV in the market be placed at ever shorter intervals. For this reason, some manufacturers now offer ways to make their devices through software updates or even by hardware extensions again on the latest state of affairs. More information: presse.

Schools Network Devices

Power supply of the PCE Germany GmbH are for use in the field of industry, laboratory and universities developed. Power supply of the PCE Germany GmbH are for use in the field of industry, laboratory and universities developed. The regulator of the power units have a coarse and a fine adjustment. Because of this dual role, very accurate adjustment is facilitated by current and voltage with the network devices. The energy suppliers to provide voltage of 230 V the population. This provided voltage can be adjusted by the user through the key network devices on a selectable level down. Mainly a power supply unit provides the common voltage of 12 V, since experiments with power supply units little or no personal injury may occur.

Of course the voltage or current range can be adjusted with a power supply unit also. There are two types of network devices. A distinction between conventional power supply units and between the switching power supply. The conventional power supplies, also Trafonetzgerate called, used usually only for special applications, because its structure is very complex. Laboratories often use power units that have a memory function, since it offers the possibility of the laboratories, often used voltages and currents with a simple touch of a button to get on the network devices.

These power supply units with special memory function are designed mostly as switch mode power supplies and find on every bench seat, because they are very compact, lightweight and small. Test circuits are connected to the mains via the safety Sockets. These useful devices offer on top a long life, which are cooled by a very quiet fan, in the active state. In addition to the power supplies for laboratory and workshop area, there are also power supply for mounting on DIN-rail. Its area of application is the control technology. High-performance power supplies, for the small price of the PCE Germany GmbH are for professional use in industry, Universities, laboratories and workshops are best suited.