Beware Of Scams !

It is common in our inbox displayed an irregular number of emails sent by people who have not known. Some read them and others are sent directly to the trash without being opened. Most of the mails of this type, belonging to scam artists, who have the confidence and ignorance of people to make your plan work. An example of such scams are those companies who contact the owners of a site in order to tell them that their domain is being registered by another company, threatening its trademark and future sales. In exchange for "help us" and avoid being caught is the domain and keywords in the same call for a fixed amount of dollars.

If people who receive this kind of post would bother doing some research on the net, before answering and deposit the money requested, they would much of the fraud, since there is now extensive database and specialized forums on any cyber scams. For example, there are companies from several countries Asian demand a payment for that book a certain number of "keywords" or "keywords." China, for example, not only has several companies involved in these scams, but there are also those companies that sell ghost sites or domains that never actually recorded, they do not have the necessary permissions for the. Therefore, it must clear several points. First, there is no registration or under "keywords" in any country, let alone globally, the only tool that can be specialized sites are providing the most searched keywords in order to optimize its use in search engines like Google. Even can be manipulated in a way so that little by little our site go climbing positions, but up there. So if you ever receive such an email, recalls: "As a mass medium of internet worldwide, no one can have exclusive use of search services and accommodation."