What is postmodernism? Infighting begins self-destruction in this decade the end of an epoch of culture that we call postmodernism. Historian of later will reflect this time as the prime example of dualistic thinking. Either the paternally-mediated collective morality, as the tradition required them or no morals what Postmodernism was ultimately decided. The digital thinking of our time (either O or 1) is just a mutation of dualism and its successor, the nihilism. In place of the bourgeois superego, which only a few crying after came the drive orientation as a defense against the digital nihilism. The self protection in the vacuum one as selfishness. That’s why Postmodernism is a time of super ego”as a compensation of this era and the time of addiction-like increase in Amorphousness of not intended self destruction.

We could enumerate countless examples from the economic or political. Click isearch to learn more. The top-heavy intellectualism formed up, the infighting by speculation to overcome, so how the lies-Baron (Munchausen is meant here) had tried through the power symbolism of his hair, to pull itself out of the swamp. You can expect a worsening of this problem in the final stages of postmodernism. In the next few years, a powerful virus pandemic can be expected as well as a second stage of the global economic crisis (double deep). Only the power of the individual and cultural immunity, which itself must impose this crisis of reason as an opportunity help to prevent such powerful waves of destruction. “” To the economic crisis in the Postmodernism see also from the same author: the structure of global capitalism “BD. 1 and BD.