Rest In Carpathians

Carpathian mountainous country in eastern Europe, situated on the territory of several countries: Ukraine, Slovakia, Romania, Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary. Forms a convex to the northeast of the arc length is about 1500 kilometers. In Western and Eastern Carpathians lies Podkarpacie, one of the most interesting geographical regions of Poland. Podkarpacie takes two mountain ranges of the Eastern Beskid (Bieszczady) and the Low Beskid. The snow is retained on the middle part of slopes of up to 5 months.

Broadleaf forests in the mountain woodlands brown soils are replaced by pine forests, are located above the elfin, rolling into the belt of mountain meadows. The Lost World PodkarpatySovershat walks can differently. For example, the cover on quiet and durable gutsulsky horses. You can use the chaise, skis, narrow gauge railway, by car (from the point and Dvernichek), or to make walking. Many motels often arranged so that you can go snowboarding. We begin our journey with the Bieszczady National Park. Bieszczady National parkBeschadsky National Park was established in 1973. Now the park covers an area of 29,000 hectares and is the third largest national park in Poland after the Biebrza and Kampinosskogo.

Bieszczady chain is the most advanced in the west part of the Eastern Carpathians. It stretched from the pass to Lupkovskogo pass in Ukraine. Almost the whole territory of the High Bieszczady inhabits large population of bears, bison, wolves, deer, birds of prey. In September and October covered with beech trees, slopes become purple, and alpine meadows resemble an artist's palette.