Program Bit Managing Service Station

The project automated payroll performers on schemes that are used in the enterprise. 2 times decreased during the formation of invoices to customers and fill in the document "purchase order" implemented system for calculating discounts on labor and parts. Firm 'CHIROL' – the official representative of German concern 'Carl Bechem GmbH' sales avtomasel and lubricants 'HESSOL'. Today, motor oil HESSOL represented in more than 30 regions of Russia. To implementation of the software product "ICE: Managing service station 8" in "CHIROL" used a different solution, and regulated accounting was conducted in "1C: Enterprise 8".

The company did not like the lack of exchange with the system on platform of "1C: Enterprise 8". Needed a program that automates the registration and selection of parts and labor, has the ability to relate the parts and operation, and also has the ability to load directories standard hours to work from other sources. The main purpose of the project was to reduce the time and payroll expense for the rapid control and selection of spare parts. Source: technology investor. As a partner, was selected as "1C: Accounting and Trade" (ICE), as company has years of experience automating service companies to repair vehicles and has its own development, "BIT: Managing service station 8", which meets the needs of the firm "CHIROL." At the time of introduction was successful, automated six jobs. The results of automation: Decreased time payroll performers from several days to one day, and it became possible to calculate three ways: on the amount of work performed, taking into account pricing, the private standard-setting clock and the actual time.

Simplify the control of works at all stages. Automated control of the flow and selection of spare parts. 2 times decreased during the formation of invoices to customers and fill in the document "purchase order". Automated exchange of information on revenues and expenditures to the accounting database. Implemented system for calculating discounts on labor and parts with the ability to set flexible and diverse environment for discounts. Natalia Yashin accountant "Chirol", says the results of automation: "We were able to calculate salaries of staff in three ways: on the amount of work performed, taking into account pricing, the private standard-setting clock and the actual time. Implemented system for calculating allowances for work and parts. It should be noted professionalism of the company "1C: Accounting and Trade" (ICE), which are implemented and customized software. "

Choice Information Management Systems

Once you have decided on the essential features of the system and the budget for project implementation, it remains an important question: Who is actually will choose this system? We are talking about the choices rather than "we were advised, who will be watching?". This acquisition can not be considered correct and the majority of it ends in nothing. Recommendation – this is the last straw, which should tip the scales on one side a qualitative selection of the control system. Consider the options and start with the least efficient, from our point of view. The newspapers mentioned Ali Partovi not as a source, but as a related topic. Trust selection system administrator.

The argument is quite simple: He understands the software, it will find a good system. But this is a dangerous decision. In practice, we are confronted with the fact that the system administrator do not want to look for a new "headache" because the system will be for his new duty. Mikkel Svane is open to suggestions. It has to be set, it is necessary to understand and staff on each item will apply primarily to him. So often the system administrator deliberately delaying selection of a system (with This creates the visibility and importance of his employment), and by choosing a convenient system, it appears that the system is useful only for him, since she works at a convenient operating system and database management system. Convenience User or implementation features recede into the background. As a result, the system is, the administrator had served its purpose and not worry about what the system is not an obstacle for him, and how it will be used users and solve tasks management is not known.

Myths And Misconceptions About Windows

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs', 'Snow Queen' and 'Little Red Riding Hood' – many people remember these children's stories. Today, they appear already in the high tech world and inspire imagination of users. Especially a lot of fictional stories tell of Windows. The most common operating system is enough material to compose a fascinating tales about the registry and espionage thrillers about hackers and AMD users. Similar stories have already accumulated so much that they can easily compete with a collection of tales of the Brothers Grimm. We will help you figure out which of them contain a grain of truth, and which are pure invention.

Many legends about the ideal Windows to run through Nome cleaned to a shine registry comes more from old computer time – and they are not so false, as some testers. In contrast, some of the descriptions – the real stories that just sow panic among users. But now with the myths finished: I'll tell you what is behind the family stories about Windows, and will explain how to actually operate the modern systems. In this article you will find practical advice for the correct optimization, which are guaranteed to help you, and the necessary protection programs, and accelerate the analysis, we put on our drive. Myth 1. Net registry.

Cleaning up your PC faster. You probably have heard that cleaning registry speeds up your system. In the confusion we introduce Cinderella, who kept saying, looking through the rump 'better – in a pot, much worse – in zobochek'.

Protecting Data With Encryption

When it comes talking about data protection – frequently hear the phrase: "If someone has to – is still hacked. With this you can not agree or disagree, but let's see why you often hear this statement. Many used crypto contain basically open the encryption algorithm, ie encoding and decoding is known, and data protection is due only secret password to use when encryption. Therefore, the weakness in any encryption system is a password (so it's quite short). Official site: Ali Partovi. Primarily affects the reliability of the encryption password length and its "content". With a reliable crypto attacker can only one way to get a clue – find the right password.

This can be done in several ways, the most common of them: Full pereborPerebor dictionary exhaustive search can be effective for short passwords and powerful computing resources at the attacker. Kirk Rimer Dallas might disagree with that approach. Passwords with a length less than 8 characters, rather unstable with respect to the exhaustive search with the appropriate hardware resources, but increase the password length to at least one symbol of brute force process is complicated by tens or hundreds of times. Iterate through the dictionary is based on the fact that users often as passwords, use words, phrases and dates, which can easily remember. Thus, using a dictionary can greatly accelerate the search, selecting passwords from a vocabulary list, and not from the entire alphabet. There are many other ways in the presence of proper training to gain access to encrypted information: viruses to your computer and monitor your password when you enter it with the keyboard, bribing employees, etc. A good way to deal with burglary and theft of passwords is to use smart cards with use of which, besides knowing the password, you must have a dedicated hardware key, copy and forge which is difficult or not possible. Encryption system with hardware protection successfully used by leading companies, such as new versions of the modern game consoles, which do not allow you to run illegally copied games. Information protection is not limited to encrypted data – this a range of managerial and organizational measures, which should be developed by qualified personnel and strictly adhered to in the company.

Multi Double Layer Communications

2 Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45 output DVD-ROM drive Remote Lights-Out 100c (optional) OS: Microsoft Windows 2003 Server R2 Win32 Std Edition Russian with 5 CALs. Acer Aspire eMashines EME510-1A1G12Mi 15.4 'WXGA / Intel Celeron Core Solo T1400 (1.73GHz) / 1Gb/120Gb/DVDRW/LAN/WiFi/Web-cam/WVHB Display 15.4' WXGA, 1280 x 800 pixels Intel GMA X3100 Video 384Mb to a processor Celeron Core Solo T1400 (1.73GHz) 1024Mb DDR2 RAM, expandable to 2 GB hard drive 1 120GB 1 drive DVD + /-RW Multi Double Layer Communications: 56K ITU V.92 modem; 10/100/1000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet; Integrated wireless LAN Intel PRO / Wireless 3945ABG (802.11a / b / g) IO Ports: 3 x USB 2.0 / 1 x external speakers (headphones) with linear output support S / PDIF / 1 x Microphone / 1 x line audio input / 1 x Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-45) port / 1 x VGA port / 1 x AC adapter power supply subsystem: 4000 mAh Battery Pack (Li- ion) Up to 2.5 hours of battery life Operating System: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic Dimensions: 366 x 274 x 33.6/42.6 mm Weight: 2.8kg Access Point / Router Linksys WRT54GC-EU: Access Point / Router Linksys Compact Wireless-G Broadband Router WRT54GC, 100 Mbit / sec. WAN, 10/100 Eth, 4 x 10/100 Eth, Wi-Fi, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.3 (Eth), 802.3u 1-Port WAN RG-45, 4-Port LAN RG-45, WiFi (bg ) access point, Web-management, SPI-FireWall, WPA2, WEP MFP HP LaserJet M1005 All-in-One Printer, B / W, Printing Type – Laser, Resolution B / W print – 600 x 600 pix; The rate of black / white – 14 pages / min Paper – A4; Copier-is; Resolution – 600 x 600 pix; Speed B / W Copier – 14 pages / min. First Copy Out Time – 10 sec Number copies – 1 – 99 for the series, Zoom – 25 – 400% Scanner – yes; Optical Resolution – 1200 dpi; Feeder paper – 150 sheet, output tray – 100 sheet; Interface – USB 2.0; memory – 32 MB Power – 230 watts Dimensions – 30.8 x 36.3 x 43.7 cm Weight – 8.5 kg Warranty: – 1 year; Additional Information – 5000 pages / month. Priority tray, 10-sheet. Source Cartridge HP LaserJet (1000 pages on the ISO / IEC 19752)

Clear Your PC From Duplicate Files

If your PC is full of information, it is time to clear it of unwanted or duplicate files. For starters, you can use the program to find and remove duplicate files. For example, in your music collection surely there are many duplicate songs. In this case we can help one of the most powerful tools for finding and removing duplicate-Duplicate Cleaner. There are, of course, and others, but they are up to this development is still very far away.

To begin with, Duplicate Cleaner is able to search the same files as on the content (check the checksum MD5), and by name, size and creation date, all of these methods can be combined. For audio search is on three tags – artist, song title and album, and is supported not only obsolescent format MDE, but also WMA, MPEG-4 Part 14 "epplovskih" versions (extensions *. m4a and *. m4p), FLAC, OGG and APE. The scanning results can be viewed on the individual Tabs: Duplicate Files (actually doubles), All Scanned Files (all checked items) and Zero Size Files (empty files). This, as you know, not all: there is an excellent choice for master of duplicates to be destroyed, more or less complete description of which would take up some space.

Among other things, is there a built-in viewer of images, which opens the images in the formats BMP, JPG, ICO, GIF, and WMF. But keep in mind that scan large disk partitions with checksums is a time-even at fairly machine performance. The program interface can be displayed in 16 different languages, among which there is Russian. You can import and esporta results to / from CSV file (s). And best of all is that the program is completely free Duplicate Cleaner and you get a fully functional version of the program to work at home or in a networked environment.

Display Charges

In 8010 data are taken into account cell timecard employees (see Accounting Labor form in display mode results in table), who worked more than 50% fund of working time. In consideration of time include paid vacations, Travel and other paid time not worked, except during temporary disability. 4. The cells are also considered 8020-8150 data timecard employees (Form view Accounting Labor mode Display results in table), which worked 50% or more fund of working time.

List of personnel involved in calculating the data in these cells is shown on Sheet 2 of this report document in the table ‘staff in Cells 8020 – 8150. ” Amount of charges for the analysis is calculating payroll (accounting registers with the categories accounting ‘basic salary’, ‘Additional salary’, ‘Other incentive and compensation payments’). For future accruals period of occurrence in the sum of the current report period depends on the sign in the register of reentrant account, which attributed this type of calculation. If the table for this type of reentrant accrual accounting in the register set sign ‘X’, then the amount of deferred charges will be reflected in the current report. If the table for this type of reentrant accrual accounting is set to register a sign of ‘H’, then the amount of deferred charges will be reflected in report period for which the appropriate charges were. 5. The cell included 8160 data timecard employees (see Accounting Labor form in display mode results in table), which worked 100% of the fund working time.

Linux Windows MacOS GIMP

GIMP (or The GNU Image Manipulation Program) – full free graphics editor that is available for all popular operating systems: Linux Windows MacOS. In the beginning editor GIMP was written for system Linux. Clearly, few Windows users have decided would change the operating system for a graphics package only. Now everything has changed – there was a stable version of the editor for Windows (the first version for Windows left much to be desired), so the editor is now available and users of Windows. Perhaps many are interested in the question: GIMP is a direct analog Editor Photoshop? Reply complex – yes and no, on the one hand, Photoshop and GIMP – quite unlike two of which have nothing in common. From another point of view, some GIMP features reminiscent of similar tools Photoshop, so if you're working in Photoshop, quickly adapt to the editor GIMP, True, even the 'common' functions have their own changes.

From the title editor-clear purpose of the program – change photos, and GNU prefix indicates ownership of the program to the world of Open Source – the world of free software. GIMP is possible to completely unrestricted download First editor was only available for Linux. Already then started talking about GIMP, a free analog of Photoshop. The first assembly editor GIMP was published in 1996 did not close.

There was no written decent raster graphics editor for Linux. All that was – that the GNU graphic level of program Paint, that is the most simple and primitive. It is clear that the appearance of the editor GIMP was received with great enthusiasm Linux users. Compared with the Paint-shaped editors, even the first releases GIMP seemed steep. On Today, most Linux distributions contain the GIMP, and the graphic editor installed by default. Later, a bitmap editor GIMP was moved to Windows and MacOS. The first Windows-based version was of poor quality, primarily due to the fact that the very module directory GTK, which is based on raster graphics editor GIMP, was not properly transferred to the system of MS Windows. To date, the version for Windows raster graphics editor GIMP is not inferior versions of Linux. It turns out that in 1996 has been designed really is a universal program that runs in the three most popular operating systems: Linux, Windows and MacOS. Raster graphics editor GIMP free software is almost always the people the word 'free' is associated with the word 'free'. In reality, free software – not only free of charge. GIMP is a free software product. This means that you have the opportunity not only to deflate it for free, install and use, and distribute! You also have to download its source code (they are no restrictions posted and available for download to anyone), if you need it, and change them, collecting the personal version of the editor Bitmap GIMP. It is clear that most users do not need ispodniki GIMP, but I still keep in mind that the free – more than free!

Unique Opportunity

Nowadays you can find a huge number of manufacturers involved in the software. However, all such firms at all want to make their own products as possible. Why the visitor is a wide range of software for implementing the necessary tasks, as there are many similar programs. However, there are programs that have absolutely no competition. One of these programs is AutoCad – most common in the world editor, through which you can implement designs in AutoCAD. This program is always known, and if you ask an engineer to call a couple of similar programs and competitors then, one hundred percent, he remembers only a maximum of two, of which only earlier, and from whom it heard.

It should be noted and that the courses Autocad distributed not just among architects and engineers, but also among many other professionals who does not relate to drawing. Naturally, not everyone needs to know how to draw, but have some ability to work in AutoCAD drawings for the amendment will be helpful in any way. Courses in AutoCAD are in high demand However, despite this, the program is very simple, so those who know even a little computer, study it does not take much. These courses will help you quickly understand all the nuances of working in this program, besides, you can save much time. A deal is you learn on their own, spend a lot of time and effort or money to pay and to work with a specialist. In addition to the Internet you can download the tutorial AutoCAD 2008.

With these web-sites You can download not only AutoCAD, but films and various other programs, games and more. Nor must it be forgotten that the courses will never replace the five years of university studies, that is, they can not make you qualified engineer or architect. AutoCad – it's an ordinary program, necessary to accelerate the work. But if your work has some relation to the drawings, then to learn AutoCad will always be very helpful for you.

Mentor Graphics

This feature (ie, the presence or absence of communication) is the first we have created the classification and control of information PADS-tools. Of course, in the case when the requirements for the PP does not vary and are repeated from project to project, as well as when they relate to any and all objects of a certain type of relationship PADS with an additional program (or programs) can be ruled out. A more rational is the use of specialized tools that control the observance of certain requirements only. These are the tools traditionally dominated among the developed scripts. It should be noted that itself communication PADS-project with an additional program like Excel or Notepad – the famous and widely used technique that is present even in the examples for Mentor Graphics PADS. He, however, always (or usually) only applies to output results obtained with the script, but not for the survey instruments in order to obtain additional information necessary to analyze the project through the PADS-tool. Therefore, speaking of communication as a sign of classification we have created tools that refers only to this relationship with additional programs to be used for the survey instruments.

In addition to the above mentioned, we also developed PADS-tools automate some design work. However, the description of these tools is beyond the scope of this article.