Redesign Of The Site As The Engine Of Trade

In January 2007, management of the St. Petersburg Online Store "TeleGorod" () decided to develop a new design for the website. By early February, the design on the site has been completely renovated, which led to a surprise to the team consequences. Call-center TeleGoroda has presented the leadership statement, which after the introduction of the new design has increased the number of calls customers at least three-fold. And many of the callers were, as usual, to make reservations. "When, in December, our colleagues from the ria Pro.Name tell us we need to organize a focus group of representatives from the target audience for the test site. We agreed, but have not seen this much sense, "- says Commercial Director TeleGoroda "Yegor nails.

Two weeks later, Egor nail was very surprised when I learned that many visitors to Internet stores do not understand the logic of the site, just confused about the buttons, and as a result are not very happy. Although the site was extremely easy as it seemed the staff "TeleGoroda. Recall that the basis for advancement of Internet shop "TeleGorod", existing since 2005, was the idea of organizing work with regular clients, that is pure marketing ploy. To date, the company has about a thousand of loyal customers (those in "TeleGorode" referred to those who buy more frequently than once every six months), none of which never expressed any dissatisfaction with the design. In "TeleGorode" recognize that not enough attention paid to the issue of perception of the site design target groups. Experts "TeleGoroda" confident that their experience can be useful to all those involved in selling online, especially small companies.

In their view, it makes sense to conduct regular testing of the site. If there are financial constraints do not necessarily apply to a third party. It should be planted in front of screens at least my friends and ask them to fill out a questionnaire in which they could evaluate the site based on various criteria. The information received may affect the future success project.

Album Properties

Authoring discWelder do quickly and easily. Despite its simplicity, the results can be quite good, can not be, but it depends on you. discWelder professional tool and mastering all the features in the area of DVD-Audio authoring You can do anything you want. discWelder chrome ii – the program to create and burn DVD-Audio discs, Chrome – the most sophisticated version (at a price of 95). discWelder able to create hybrid discs DVD-Audio/DVD-Video with complex interactive menus.

The starting files use wav, aiff, and MLP-files. discWelder allows you to create a multi-channel (up to six channels, 24 bit / 96 ) and stereo (24 bits, up to 192 ) DVD-Audio. Of course, there are some limitations to the imagination, but my imagination, for example, there does not even fly wants. Thus, instructions for working with discWelder. As I said, everything here is very simple, the need for the existence of such instructions are not great, many will manage without it, but some may come in handy. At installation I will not stop, then follow the instructions the installer instructions included with the installation program readme.txt.

DiscWelder to easily install on your computer, and, despite what you may not have paid 95, they will work like a clock. Run the program, here it is true he (discWelder translated as "drive welder). DiscWelder interface simple and uncomplicated all consist of standard gui components: the main menu buttons with pictures on the panel and three windows (Impression that the program was written in Delphi). Before you start authoring, you should prepare tracks of the future DVD-Audio. Tracks can be in wav, aiff or mlp format. By "prepare" we mean that they should be ready to record, discWelder not able to perform any manipulation inside the audio file, it does not sound editor, so everything that you wanted to do with sound (noise reduction, normalization and other mastering) must be made prior to authoring. Better if Tracks are in one folder, then do not have to hunt them all over the disk. In the left window discWelder, which, incidentally, reminiscent of the Explorer window, select the folder where are we ready to record tracks (audio files). Once folder is selected, the files are displayed in the right window discWelder. By clicking the mouse on each file in turn, put them into our project. Files can also be one move, taking out the right window, delete the folder Group # 1 in the bottom window discWelder. Folder Group # 1 automatically created for the first selected in the draft track. Other tracks are placed in the same folder as Group # 1, or a new folder that is created by selecting from the shortcut menu, right-click New group. Create a different folder discWelder useful when the DVD-Audio is planned to place more than one album, then tracks of each album placed in a separate folder, and disk space to create their own menu. In discWelder folder groups can also be cleaned from the tracks, delete and rename, these actions are chosen from the context menu. Now that we have chosen the tracks for the record, they all appear in the lower window discWelder. Proceed to design the navigation of our DVD-Audio. To do this, select the shortcut Album Properties menu item or click on the top row of the lower box Unnamed discWelder. Album Properties window opens Album Properties. To be continued

Hard Disk Information

In the hard drives used circular disks called platters, are coated on both sides with a special material designed to store information in the form of magnetized chains. They rotate at high speed. Educate yourself with thoughts from Mashable. Special electromagnetic read / write devices called heads, used to record and read information from the surface of the plates. Each surface of the wafer can hold in dozens of gigabytes information. The same plate has two heads, one on each side. For example, a disk with three platters will have six heads. On each plate information is recorded on concentric circles, called tracks (track), each track is divided into parts, called sectors.

The first step in accessing the disk – it's knowing where to look for information. Between the request to the data and calculation of the exact location of the search is somewhat transformations: the transformation of data addresses to a file addressed to the logical disk address translation on the logical drive to the sector on the disk (this is done in the computer, then comes the work of the hard drive). Control program of the hard drive first checks the requested information in their own cache. If it is, the controller immediately gives information, without access to the disk surface. In most cases, the hard drive already cool if it is not (in the case of enhancing the conservation of energy), is promotion of the plates. The controller sends the resulting address into a physical sector address on the disk: the number of heads, cylinder number, number sector. This is done using a special subroutine hard disk controller, called a translator.

Controller entry system issues a command to solenoid to move heads to the right track. When the heads are over the desired tracks, chosen head of interest to us and is waiting for the moment when the front of the head should fly us to the desired sector. Then, the reading of the sector. The controller reads the sector in its own buffer, then he gives this information to the computer using the interface. Service center for repair of computer equipment performs repairs monitors all manufacturers.