GIP Economic

One creates its universe in marha. W. Churchil is due to have present, that the emergent markets are all those countries that are not independent economically nor technologically and that in enterprise surroundings depend on the investment of other economies them to be able to be developed in the time. As far as the essential characteristics of the emergent markets, the same count on a great growth of their economy in accelerated form but on a risk of unstable political and financial situation. The operation of the emergent markets is described to suffer of irregular and variable cycles economic where its monetary policy deserves of certain variables having like essential indicators to the inflation, the balance of payments and the evolution of the GIP, being sensible before the existence of crisis or economic instabilities that are reflected in the long term.

Another one of the characteristics of the emergent markets is its volatibilidad in monetary matter, which does in many cases that are affected by their deficiency of liquidity in their assets, causing abrupt decelerations and changes in its operation. Venezuela is not considered an emergent market by international the economic analysts, even though who reunite many characteristics like so, but also negative aspects, for example, the national financial situation, where there are many weaknesses, as well as their present political situation, that also he is unstable by the constant fight of powers and I interest nationals who of one or the other way entail to the conflict., generating a scene very turbulent. It is known of the conflict between Venezuela and the neighboring country of Colombia, where both, especially the last one maintains a dynamic economic activity with Venezuela, its apparent separation has seriously affected the economic scene of the country, by the absence of many countries that Colombia provides., hoping itself to solve the conflict, through an adjustment that can be arrived until after the elections in Colombia that indicates who will be the president who will replace the President Alvaro Uribe to determine to that adjustment, agreements they can arrive At present in Venezuelan government this reviewing the commercial relations with Colombia, this requires of a thorough analysis on as the substitute options of for that country serian, which stops many could indicate that serious Brazil its better ally. Energy Capital Partners has much experience in this field. .


It is that still, behind this perhaps sincere gesture, it annoys an ideology that condemns everything what the country obtained before 2003. This clearly minority vision, that it do not express nor the true channel of the Peronism, jumps at sight whenever the President revive its conception of history. Facts certain that one sees and it listens through the international channels like Cnn, when it recalled this week the ill-fated days of the military coup of the 16 of June of 1955, the president Cristina elevated to the lectern of the official chain to a survivor of those days cruel, in which it excelled the attempt of " to run &quot backwards; the Argentine origin of the evils, from years 70 to the 50. In another passage, the president Cristina tried to not only disqualify in addition the years 50 but nothing less than to Argentina to the Centenary, when the country got to be seventh in the world in economic entrance by inhabitant, proposing in her place to the Argentina of the Bicentennial, that she tries to incarnate. Grondona insists on emphasizing, that He is unavoidable to recognize then that the Kirchner thinks that not only the 70 and the 50, but also years 10 not only contemplated to the brightness but the degradation of an Argentina that they would have come to remedy.

The president worries what Cristina said recently that his and the one of their unique husband are " good gobiernos" that we have had in 200 years. By this route, she would also not lack long before that undertook against the Campaign of the Desert, Rock and the Brown expert, that gave the Patagonia us and where she is Santa Cruz, that today she would be Chilean. Grondona exposes in its writing, that It is the conclusion of this analysis that the Kirchner even detests " todo" the past Argentine, with its miseries but also with their glories, nothing else that by to have developed before they? To the inverse one of many montoneros, that have returned happily to the Argentine democracy, " neomontoneros" they are those for those who, if for Clausewitz " the war is the continuation of the policy by others medios" , the Argentine policy " medios&quot is the continuation of the war of the 70 by others;.

National Commission

The ATHENIAN IN the MEETING OF the NATIONAL COMMISSION OF the BICENTENNIAL OF PARAGUAY (1811 – 2011) Wednesday 28 of October of 2009, to the 16 hours, was realised the meeting of the National Commission of the Bicentennial, in the Bicameral Room of the National Congress. He gave to beginning to the session the President of the National Congress, Lic. Miguel Carrizosa. Soon the meeting was chaired by the Dr. Ticio Escobar, Minister of Culture; who was accompanied in the table by the National Senator Iris Gonzlez Dew, President of the Commission of Education, Culture and Cult of the Senate; the National Deputy Dr. Victor Rivers, President of the Commission of Education, Culture and Cult of the House of Representatives; and the Executive Secretary of the National Commission Bicentennial Mrs Margarita Morselli. Journalist Antonio Pecci celebrated of moderator.

A numerous amount of public and deprived institutions was represented in this meeting, among them the ATHENIAN OF LANGUAGE AND CULTURE GUARANI. Each, to its turn set out the plans anticipated by each organization in adhesion to the celebrations of the Bicentennial. Next the text of the presentation done by the LANGUAGE ATHENIAN AND CULTURE GUARANI: Gentlemen National Commission Bicentennial Republic of Paraguay In the name of the ATHENIAN OF LANGUAGE AND CULTURE GUARANI I go to You in order to declare to them that our organization already is total and shared in common adhered to the National Commission of the Bicentennial of Paraguay and, in that sense, from the month of last August, we have arranged that all our national and international activities promote the Bicentennial. Thus, for example, the Vigesimocuarta National Edition of August, Month of the Guarani Language – that included diverse cultural encounter, like char them, conferences, forums, congresses, festivales, encounter with the Guarani poetry and kso emombe u, contests, etc. that were realised in our 100 Regional ones and other premises like schools, schools, cultural institutes of educational formation, universities, centers, places, streets, cooperatives, etc fulfilled the assignment to promote Bicentennial and to the National Commission of the Bicentennial of Paraguay.

German Victory

The pilot of safe cheap motorcycles AMV Toni Elas today adjudged an impressive victory on the asphalt of the German circuit of Saschsenring after realising a spectacular one overcome. With the one of today, the one of extreme Manresa already three victories in which we took of season and is thirteenth in its personal salary. After the skillful action, pilot AMV consolidates thus his leadership in the general classification of the championship of the world of Moto2 with 136 points. Behind, and 42 points of difference, he follows Swiss to him Thomas Luthi whereas the Italian Andrea Iannone is third party. Elas left from the third position of the grill of exit of the German circuit, that already saw raise him podio, in the category of 125cc, but a bad exit him complic a little the things. At the end of the first return one was relegated until the eleventh position but a infernal rate, and an iron determination has taken to him to realise one overcome anthological one that it allowed him to become blurred, in less than 12 returns, the difference of 6 seconds that separated to him of the race head, commanded then by the Italian Andrea Iannone.

When they lacked 8 returns to conclude the test of the official calendar, pilot AMV put itself to the controls of the race without leaving to nothing or nobody him could snatch his third victory of the season. TONI ELIAS, Pilot AMV, Leader of the general with 136 points: very I am satisfied with the victory. Those of Jerez and Le Mans they were very pretty but technically it did not feel the motorcycle I feel as it right now. We come from somewhat complicated races, but we have changed the configuration of the motorcycle radically and it has borne its fruits. I have realised a bad exit but I have known to maintain the calm and to apply a good rate.

It found me very comfortable and although Saschsenring is not one of my favorite circuits, I have not doubted in any moment. My equipment is the guilty of the victory! Next to my sponsors, enormously I am been thankful them. To face the summer period consolidating the leadership is the best form to be able to return even more forts later. Very I am satisfied by the progression that we are carrying out, was not a far from easy race after to have had two falls in training, but we have known to give the return to the situation. It would like to be able to raise me the motorcycle the next week but we will have to wait for .