Berlin City Association

Press release of the family protection works e.V. Association of cities of Berlin by the 09.03.2011 press release of the 09.03.2011 family protection work worldwide is to observe a development, according to which the gap between rich and poor is getting bigger. Isearch has plenty of information regarding this issue. This circumstance has disastrous effects on the society, the State and the social security systems. More and more people are depending on the State, and this can only partially fulfil its tasks. At this point, social, charitable organizations take over to ensure the fiduciary duty of the State to at least the basic supply of the population. The Association of family protection work city Federation Berlin is involved for years with great dedication to the needs of children from the poorest families.

With the help of the family protection plant e.V., children get a hot meal, are supported in the formation, and learn a little normality and security in their everyday lives. Because there is a need to help local service nationwide, the family protection work plans to extend its commitment to other cities. Which is currently Founder of the family protection work, Phil Schneider, actively looking for suitable locations for a second children’s kitchen. According to current plans the family protection work extension will open this year. The expansion required is, Phil Schneider doubts not at all: the children’s kitchen almost bursting at seams at lunchtime. We go slowly with the means available at our borders.” Therefore, the family protection work and Phil Schneider asks for the active support of the Berlin City Association. Both immediate help from volunteers and donations will be accepted at any time thanking. In this context, the family protection work would like to thank also warmly for all volunteers and donors!

Director Network

Entrepreneurs network CyberForum is a co-founder of the worldwide network ‘Business Roaming Agreement’ Karlsruhe, 16.7.13. -The CyberForum entrepreneurs network and the Swedish cluster 55 on July 12, 2013 a cooperation agreement signed: at the so-called business roaming agreement (BRA) to promote the internationalization activity and thus the global competitiveness of local IT and high-tech companies. At the same time to facilitate the access to the technology region Karlsruhe international companies. Through the network of BRA, intensifying the cooperation between the involved more than 40 clusters. It aims to make visible the cross-border links between the participating networks and to support in particular small and medium-sized companies in their internationalisation efforts. With the signing of the BRA, the CyberForum and the Swedish cluster 55 agree that all Member companies and partners of the BRA will receive access to the infrastructure (for example, for Office or) Conference rooms) and are also supported. In this way, the BRA acts as a kind of Exchange program, in which companies worldwide can rely on (local) knowledge, existing networks and facilities. Member companies of the CyberForum thus get access to events, venues and offices from Malmo about London until after Hong Kong.

The cooperation with cluster 55 resulted from the Wirtschaftsforderung Karlsruhe, which an active partner in the INTERREG IVC project ClusteriX”is. The overarching aim of ClusteriX is there, the competitiveness of European regions and their innovation potential through the improvement and strategic realignment of cluster policy in the direction of specialization as so-called smart”(smart specialisation) to increase. The business roaming agreement is a useful and necessary support for the IT industry, especially for small businesses and Start-Ups, since operational infrastructure for temporarily free is made and experienced mentors offer advice and assist the company,”said Tamara Hogler, Director for International Affairs in the CyberForum. “The longstanding cooperation between the CyberForum, the cluster 55 and numerous other international stakeholders allows this unique support by companies that want to expand its activities internationally,” so David Hermanns, Managing Director of the CyberForum, and adds: in the coming weeks, more organizations are all over the world to sign the BRA – in this way, they become part of an international network and thus Center for innovation. ” The Cyberforum e.V.: The CyberForum e.V. is the largest regional active Hightech.Unternehmer.Netzwerk with over 1,000 members.

in Germany. In the CyberForum network entrepreneur, founder, creative, research facilities and institutions, students, business angels and trainees. Total members represent over 22,000 jobs. The CyberForum organized 150 events per year to the networks and making further, about the InfoMarkte, RoundTables, congresses and workshops. 2012, the events attracted nearly 12,000 visitors. A further focus on their own offers for special target groups: the incubator CyberLab, mentoring & coaching, access to its own network of the investor or the training initiative for trainees. The CyberForum is also involved in clusters and collaborative projects, so it is the regional coordinator of the software cluster for Nordbaden. The software cluster was awarded in the Germanwind of the Federal Government. founded in 1997 as a private public partnership, the CyberForum now employs a team of more than 25 employees. Press contact: CyberForum e.V. Christian Birnesser press / public relations Haid-und-Neu-Strasse 18 76131 Karlsruhe phone: 0721.