Electricity Price Increases

E.ON regional subsidiaries increase electricity prices in April and may between price increases at about 65 electricity suppliers up to 12.1 percent, 2.5 percent and 6.6 percent in the coming months Berlin, February 15, 2010 after prices at around 200 electric utilities have risen at the turn of the year, many consumers are asked more in the spring for their electricity purchases to the cashier. Current evaluations of the independent consumer portal toptarif.de plan their prices to increase about 65 more electricity in the coming months to 12.1 percent. Many customers of the largest German energy supplier E.ON are affected by the price increases. The current five by seven regional subsidiaries * from April and may between 2.5 per cent and 6.6 per cent more expensive to. The average electricity prices in the spring by 5.6 percent. The announced increases mean additional costs of about 53 euros\”for a four-member household with an annual consumption of 4,000 kWh of electricity, energy expert explains Thorsten Bohg by toptarif.de. In some cases even larger households face of 100 euros and more but also with additional burdens. \”Total 7 million households are affected by the announced price increases in the spring because in addition to five regional E.ON companies many end customers in major cities such as Munich and Dresden again have to pay more for their electricity.

Only two companies to relieve their customers plan with Stadtwerke Greifswald and Wissembourg. This year’s increases to electricity customers in Saxony are particularly extensive. Total have their tariffs between 3.7 percent since the beginning of the year 28 of 39 regional utilities in the State of Bavaria and 14.5 percent more expensive and plan appropriate steps in the spring. At the largest German energy supplier E.ON, has been merely the Thuringian regional subsidiary E.ON Thuringer Energie AG has announced specifically to keep prices stable by the end of the year.


45 percent more energy yield by tracking Horb a.N., May 19, 2008. The trade fair Intersolar in Munich (27-29 May 2009), DEGERenergie presented among other things his new, heavy-duty tracking systems of the type of DEGERtraker 3000HD and 5000HD. The interest on the new models is already now extremely large, reports on the manufacturer. DEGERenergie is world market leader in the field of tracking systems for solar systems. Its new generation of show after insertion systems DEGERtraker 3000HD and 5000HD, the DEGERenergie with Munich brings, is specially designed for use in high wind zones. The designation HD\”stands for heavy duty\” (high load).

With up to 25 m2 of module area the model of DEGERtraker 3000HD is designed for a capacity between 2,500 and 3,800 WP. The model of DEGERtraker 5000HD brings a power of 4,000 and 6,400 WP at up to 40 square feet of module area. For systems that reach a up to 45 percent more energy efficiency than static systems. For both Models are available between 3.3 and 5.5 meters long for open spaces mounting or for installation on buildings pole versions. Both models are designed for applications between 25 and 60 degrees of latitude. Optionally it can be used between the Equator and the 90th longitude. High interest among the audience of the interest of our clients to the new systems is extremely high\”, explains the founder and CEO of DEGERenergie, Artur Deger. Genera which made just in Madrid to end, especially the visitors of the trade fair showed downright enthusiastic about the models.

\”This not least because they can be mounted on buildings.\” Since early 2008, around 25 percent higher remuneration of feed-in applies to building-integrated solar systems in Spain. The design tool developed by DEGERenergie especially for the heavy-duty systems ensures that solar systems thus tipped withstand even extreme wind loads. So, already holds the basic configuration Wind speeds up to 170 km/h easily got a generously dimensioned reserve protects the equipment against stronger peak gusts.