Computers: Evolution of Communication

In century XXI we come across with a tool of extreme importance for the process of evolution of the communication. What it was there, in questions of seconds it can be here. The world this linked one to a net that informs, teaches and that a brilliant one of the good and the evil can be considered. The population to each day if vitiates still more for the computers. Machines that inside load of its memory the wire that to establish connection all the people of the world. The people leave of living the real world to become fullfilled itself in the virtual world. This space can in supplying everything to them, less to the emotion of living the intensity of the reality.

' ' Viciados' ' for computers to each day they grow more and in many cases something can be considered pathological. The days if had become minors, why the constant information in them takes to an overload of ideas and truths that much of the times are not digested by our memory. We worry in living what this there, and forget to live what this here now. The days pass, the life passes and all it passes and nothing it was lived beyond a virtual world. I cannot to deny that this tool is basic, but it is not extremely essential for the progress of the ration human being. The life goes beyond wires, memories, technologies. We need to live more, to feel more and to look at for the world of information that has our return. We must dominate the technology and if not leave to dominate for it.