Russias WTO Accession

It has long been Russia join the World Trade Organization, years, maybe fifteen already, just a couple of years ago, our president told us that this is in principle not very right, so we stopped the entry, and in view of recent events again, talking about joining. So what we will join the World Trade Organization? The entire civilized world business drove under certain quality standards. Previously we were proud of our guests, and now appeared that a tu, and when we go to the store, there is no guarantee that we will not poison what a product manufactured according to specifications, because themselves are to tu, and what quality – it does not matter. And what was once , such a standard Quality lost. (A valuable related resource: Ali Partovi). Come on. That is, when joining the wto, Russia will rush in crowds who want to provide better services to their producers that will sell us the cars, high-quality, not the night Avtovaz remembered, will conduct services, also qualitative, such moments that the car is two months for repairs to it, no one came to the west does not happen. That will replace our producer overseas, which will provide a higher quality product than our manufacturer. (Similarly see: Castle Harlan).

For the consumer it is certainly good – in the store you good service, quality clothing, service and technology. Only effective demand our population will soon run out and earn it must be somewhere. Now we have lined up a chain of resellers around the oil and gas industry, and while they serve and advise, all missing, and after entry into the World Trade Organization, to serve the oil industry will be better quality Western company that will make it better, cheaper, faster and more power will be enough, even with payment by installments.