Through Directory Page

Why works the article marketing for the business online? When we thought generally about articles we referred to newspapers and magazines. You reason but them by that the article marketing is very important for the business online is really very simple. First of all, absolutely nothing of money costs. The owners of the pages Webs always are looking for contained fresh and original that to add to their sites. In order to have much content it is necessary to also write many entrances, and if guest posts or writers who contribute with their articles fattens so to speak the spread and capacity of the pages, these will see with more authority eyes of Google and other motors search. Official site: Bryant Walker Smith .

It is a situation in which as much webmaster of the directory of articles like which it contributes with the information they remove benefits. What gains the person who enters the article in another page Web that is not hers? Generally, I connect entrants to its pages. tter. Whatever more incoming connections than are not reciprocal we have of other pages aiming towards our site, better, since the motors search will considern that the site at which scores must have some importance will be and it better positioning as acquires more and more bonds. All the bonds do not have the same validity. Pages with little page rank (a measurement established by same Google) or that its content has little or nothing that to see with the page to which it scores will not consist of as much value.

If on the contrary we secured connections from a very outstanding page to eyes of the finders as it one of page can be rank high, our page will be seen much more favored. And, still better if the page gives than us the connections deal with topics that are similar or equal to ours. The reciprocal connections do not have as much value since note that has been arranged and therefore is stopped having that natural character that to Google as much it likes.