Redesign Of The Site As The Engine Of Trade

In January 2007, management of the St. Petersburg Online Store "TeleGorod" () decided to develop a new design for the website. By early February, the design on the site has been completely renovated, which led to a surprise to the team consequences. Call-center TeleGoroda has presented the leadership statement, which after the introduction of the new design has increased the number of calls customers at least three-fold. And many of the callers were, as usual, to make reservations. "When, in December, our colleagues from the ria Pro.Name tell us we need to organize a focus group of representatives from the target audience for the test site. We agreed, but have not seen this much sense, "- says Commercial Director TeleGoroda "Yegor nails.

Two weeks later, Egor nail was very surprised when I learned that many visitors to Internet stores do not understand the logic of the site, just confused about the buttons, and as a result are not very happy. Although the site was extremely easy as it seemed the staff "TeleGoroda. Recall that the basis for advancement of Internet shop "TeleGorod", existing since 2005, was the idea of organizing work with regular clients, that is pure marketing ploy. To date, the company has about a thousand of loyal customers (those in "TeleGorode" referred to those who buy more frequently than once every six months), none of which never expressed any dissatisfaction with the design. In "TeleGorode" recognize that not enough attention paid to the issue of perception of the site design target groups. Experts "TeleGoroda" confident that their experience can be useful to all those involved in selling online, especially small companies.

In their view, it makes sense to conduct regular testing of the site. If there are financial constraints do not necessarily apply to a third party. It should be planted in front of screens at least my friends and ask them to fill out a questionnaire in which they could evaluate the site based on various criteria. The information received may affect the future success project.