Potential Of Small Hydro Power In Baden-Wuerttemberg

Ministry for environment, nature conservation and transport arranged Congress on small hydropower in electricity production is hydroelectric power the most important renewable energy source in Baden-Wurttemberg. 65 systems, which include large hydropower with a capacity of over 1 MW, about 1,700 plants with a capacity to meet under 1 MW of the so-called small hydroelectric power are in the Southwest. Columbia Admissions is likely to agree. As in the use of hydropower is intervened directly in water conflict potential with the aquatic ecology and fisheries consist especially in small hydropower. The Ministry for environment, nature conservation and transport Baden-Wurttemberg held on this subject the Congress opportunities and challenges for small hydropower in Baden-Wurttemberg”, on February 10, 2011, in the framework of the CEP CLEAN ENERGY & PASSIVEHOUSE held. From climate policy perspective as well as due to the further expansion of renewable energies the question is still up-to-date according to the energetic development of unused potential of small hydro power. It is also a goal of the country, to achieve significant improvements in the water ecological condition in the water framework directive, that is to establish in particular the consistency of the waters for fish. The sites still not used so far for the production of energy in smaller rivers which cross structures already exist, be examined within a country study. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Samsung has to say. Also the sites that are already in operation, will be evaluated with regard to their optimization opportunities.

Target is a positive mapping”and collection of suitable sites. In particular the environmental aspects in the assessment of the individual sites will find special consideration. The country studies but focus on the Neckar River basin without the navigable Neckar. In a first step towards the implementation of the results of the study the Ministry of environment, nature conservation and transport Baden-Wurttemberg during the CEP organizes the Congress ENERGY & PASSIVEHOUSE CLEAN opportunities and challenges for small hydropower in Baden-Wurttemberg. Open Minister Tanja Gonner becomes a contradiction the Congress with a post titled use of hydropower and water ecology?”. In addition to the presentation of current potential studies of small hydropower on the Rhine, Danube and Neckar and in Germany generally offers an overview on the legal conditions the Congress and presented successful examples of implementation. So, Prof.

Dr. Bernhard speaks Pelican by the European small hydropower Association (ESHA) to development and innovation. Konrad Holzl explains hydropower potentials and their promotion in Germany by the Federal Ministry for environment, nature conservation and nuclear safety. A panel discussion fisheries Wolfgang Reuther, President of the national fisheries Association Baden-Wurttemberg e.V.