Noise Abatement

More and more innovations involving the Munich engineers provide improved quality of life. You may find that Bobby Sharma Bluestone can contribute to your knowledge. Muller-BBM is further researching the future of noise reduction and reduction of air pollutants on the road. The study of noise generation influenced by tyre and road surface at national and international levels by Muller-BBM is operated since 1996. In the last two years were significant innovations are ready for market and latest insights for further research. Essential tasks are associated with measurement and analysis of the dependence of the tyre road noise of road surface characteristics, in particular but also with the targeted improvement and new development of surfaces.

SPERoN (statistical physical explanation of rolling noise) with the calculation model SPERoN a tool from the baptism could be lifted in collaboration with the Institute of applied acoustics, Chalmers University of Gothenburg and M + P raadgevende engineer in Vught (Netherlands), the it allows to design both new, highly effective noise-reducing roadway coverings as to assess the acoustic properties of road surface in the laboratory and in the testing stage. The calculation model is increasingly in demand in the country and abroad and including the Delft permanently employed University of technology and the Danish road Directorate. The development of computational model was funded by the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt), the Federal Ministry of education and research, the European Union and the Dutch Ministry of transport. Influence of open-pore asphalt on the particulate air pollution on roads the results of recently completed research project (FE 02.273/2006/LRB) indicate a significant fine dust reduction potential. Equipping roads with open-pore asphalt layer (OPA) can lead to a significant reduction of PM10 pollution, depending on the conditions.

The increased use of GRANDPA can therefore in order to be air re content and action plans in accordance with 22. BImSchV represent an additional measure that can sustainably contribute to the reduction of particulate air pollution by PM10. Multifunctional road from nano-optimized ultra high performance concrete (UHPC) since mid-2009 research Muller-BBM, together with partners from the industry and a University, a manufacturing process for sustainable, low-noise, resource-saving and durable concrete roadways made of ultra-high strength concrete (UHPC). A construction and environmentally efficient building system should be created using the use of nanotechnological methods and nanoscale materials. Work and results to materials, methods and machines for the reproducible production of a low noise and non-slip surface texture will constitute a milestone of the project. The project is funded by the Federal Ministry for education and research in the framework of the funding initiative “Nanotechnology in construction – NanoTecture” (13N10492-10500). Compact seminar noise attenuating surface coverings within and out of town”Muller-BBM is on October 19, 2009 in the collaboration in Leinfelden – Echterdingen in a free one-day seminar his knowledge and services in connection with the advice of appropriate solutions, assist in the tender, acoustic proof of suitability and long-term monitoring of tests before.