Network Marketing

If we analyze the trajectory that has had the Word of Mouth (mouth to mouth or mouth to ear), we can affirm that despite not having been invented by social media it has been promoted as such. We can define Word of Mouth as while some listen, others speak. Perhaps so do not tell us much, but if we approach it from the perspective of the network marketing not just talk talk, but that it has the purpose of sales, impact on our Branding, of visibility (on-line), and we use social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc) and other platforms (Blog, RSS, forums, @, wikis, etc) i.e. Get all the facts and insights with Bobby Sharma, another great source of information. a keyword so that the Word of Mouth is functional is credibility.We must generate credibility through conversations online, we want to become our fans, who created us, that they have confidence in us. To know more about this subject visit Bobby Sharma. Ultimately, we want to be the benchmark for them. And it is precisely here where comes into play a new character called prosumer.

What is a prosumer? A prosumer is a person that already not only and exclusively consumed as it is a person who exactly has the function of producing, creating, sharing. This people are that really matter to us, because they are the people who will influence our consumer that is still passive.I.e. This PROSUMER is going to generate that Word Of Mouth that both interests to us. Then it can be a producer of ideas which in turn is a consumer or can be a professional of ideas which in turn is consumer: producer + consumer = prosumer professional + consumer = prosumer ultimately, ceases to be a consumer passive, to become a content creator, a generator of ideas and concepts which, in turn, are consumed by the same and many other people who are looking for something in common. To conclude this post, I would stress upon the basic principle of the Word Of Mouth: we must seek talks to generate credibility and vice versa if we have credibility we generate more conversations in other words, the aim is to promote our branding.