Network Marketing

Many people think of starting a business to escape the routine of their work and take the reins of their activity independently. Today I will show you deformed generic and simple as it is the mechanism of network marketing businesses to clear you doubts and help you understand why economic independence can be achieved. More info: Kai-Fu Lee. Network marketing is the most agile way of generating income. Pesto that arises as a response to the advances in technology and information networks favoring the world of opportunity and helping many people achieve economic independence. Also called Network Marketing, or Network Marketing is defined as a business model in which a company or manufacturer offers and delivers its products or services to end users or customers, by a group of entrepreneurs or independent distributors that are interconnected in a network. This structure of networks facilitates the creation of communities of people who independently consume and sell the manufacturer’s products that are associated with also taking the I aim to teach other people to build and expand this network of associated businessmen, in order to obtain a personal saving, to offer the product or service to a customer and even achieve economic independence, depending on the objectives of each person. cussion.

But there are many controversies that surround the world of network marketing and distorting the reality of the concept. But the undisputed characteristic that defines and identifies if a company operates through Marketing network is the fact that anyone has the opportunity in his hand regardless of their educational, religious, cultural level, etc and that Furthermore, the possibilities of achieving economic independence depend on single and exclusively from the work that is put, the dedication, professionalism and the objectives and under no circumstances will depend on the position that is inside of the network structure, because otherwise we would be talking about a pyramid model. In subsequent articles I will give more inrofmacion related to this concept supporting me in official data within the world of experts in economics, misistros, laws, businessmen from success, in short, are persons of which we are obliged to inform us if we want concoer real and reliable data. Leave a comment if you want to contribute something of value to this article or later, I will reply it delighted. A greeting.