Multimedia Hard Disks

A multimedia hard disk, also called disk media, multimedia external drive or portable disk media, is a type of external hard drive that adds the ability to play photos, music and video, counting in many cases with DVB-t, DVD, or Wi-Fi to its basic function of storage. The multimedia hard disk is very spread like playing multimedia centre connected to the TV, having moved in the classroom even to Home Cinema, DVD and VHS. Features the multimedia hard disk is a very functional device, since it serves as unit of external storage, multimedia player, DVB-t tuner and video recorder, all with great portability, connectivity and ease of use. Let’s look at the basic characteristics of a multimedia hard drive: capacity: If we use the multimedia hard disk as external storage unit will seek a model of high capacity. Some models lack hard disk, which can be interesting if we already have an external drive, that connect to a USB port.

Remote control: the disk multimedia hard is controlled via the remote control and a menu system, though some also have buttons and LCD display. Connections: is suitable for multimedia hard disk have the greater possible number of video, audio and data connectors (USB, FireWire, HDMI, DVI, s-video and SCART). Sound system: should be supported sound system 5.1 or 7.1. File formats supported: agrees to support the largest possible number of formats, to avoid compatibility problems. Firmware update: is suitable that firmware is upgradeable to expand the supported formats and add new features, because otherwise we run the risk of the multimedia hard disk obsolete. File system: generally is FAT32, for its compatibility with Windows, Linux and Mac.

Additional features a multimedia hard drive’s basic range is simply a hard disk that plays multimedia content, but many models incorporate features extra: tuner DTT: many models include one or two tuners DTT, allowing in this case display a program while we view another. Video recorder or TV: If the multimedia hard disk recorder can record the Freeview or the signal of video or audio from another device, such as a Blu-ray or DVD player. Card reader: one memory card reader makes it easy to download photos from digital cameras. CD and DVD unit: some models include CD / DVD reader or reader/writer. Check out Apple for additional information. Network connectivity: If the multimedia hard disk features connectivity network, as it is wired Ethernet or wireless Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, can directly play content stored on our computer or to a shared storage drive. Web multimedia services: some models have compatibility with Internet of photos, music or video services and have an integrated web client that manages services like Youtube, Flickr, Picasa or P2P networks enabling the downloading of content.