On this occasion I would like you to think about the kinds of messages that you receive and transmit on a weekday in your life, from the time you wake up until bedtime. At all times you are receiving and sending messages of any kind. That information that you perceive by what you see and hear on the street, television, radio, friends and acquaintances, can impact your life in some way, you can use to improve or to affect you in a negative way. The exchange of ideas cannot be stopped, is impossible. What is important is what you do with all those ideas and how manage it you.

We must learn to listen to comments and quality information, which provide you something good. I’ll give an example: most people when they see an accident, you will love approach to see what happened, they behave as detectives, investigating if injured, dead, draw conclusions, and as for what? They knew them? I don’t think, affects them what happened? NOT always, can they do something? NO, unless your interest is run in your wrecker; then, why decide getting involved in this matter? What benefit can have the effect of others? The same applies to pay attention to the life of others to criticize or judge. Don’t you think that this is trash and that does not work? It is surprising that there are people that newscast seen at lunchtime or before going to bed to sleep do!? How it is possible! To know them food? How to rest with so much bad news occurring around: robberies, kidnapping, drug trafficking, earthquakes, the dollar, bag, etc. Now we see the other side of the coin, when someone asks how are you? Starts the career to speak of how tragic that is life, that there is no money, diseases, etc. etc. etc. We hear who she is spend criticizing your boss, co-workers, even family members. The complaints of the weather because it’s hot, cold or raining.

Or when someone is angry, it supports him saying: you’re right to be angry, I would be worse and even had beaten! Any of the examples you mentioned do leave you something good? Don’t you think that a good experiment would be to make some changes in what you speak and hear? Try for at least a week: 1) do not get into the lives of others. (2) Respect the character and humor of those around you. (3) Listen news only if it is necessary to keep you informed of matters concerning your activities. (4) That your conversations with others are of quality. (5) Enjoy the climate whatever this is. (6) If someone is approaching you to gossip only ask that if it is not something good, to not tell you better nothing. (7) If you listen you say something wrong, correct you and change the subject, talks about anything else. I hope that you try really, I guarantee that your life will have a rotation of 180 degrees. Those who surround you will receive your messages correctly, you will feel better, and live new experiences that will be worth the penalty. Stop worrying about what you can not fix and start to take care of you and yours. !Good luck!