Mentor Graphics

This feature (ie, the presence or absence of communication) is the first we have created the classification and control of information PADS-tools. Of course, in the case when the requirements for the PP does not vary and are repeated from project to project, as well as when they relate to any and all objects of a certain type of relationship PADS with an additional program (or programs) can be ruled out. A more rational is the use of specialized tools that control the observance of certain requirements only. These are the tools traditionally dominated among the developed scripts. It should be noted that itself communication PADS-project with an additional program like Excel or Notepad – the famous and widely used technique that is present even in the examples for Mentor Graphics PADS. He, however, always (or usually) only applies to output results obtained with the script, but not for the survey instruments in order to obtain additional information necessary to analyze the project through the PADS-tool. Therefore, speaking of communication as a sign of classification we have created tools that refers only to this relationship with additional programs to be used for the survey instruments.

In addition to the above mentioned, we also developed PADS-tools automate some design work. However, the description of these tools is beyond the scope of this article.