Lingustico-computational Study Of The Language

Introduction Creation of computers decades behind only has helped in some processes scientific, tasks daily of users common, leisure, substitution man in some tasks that would be risky (mathematical divings in kilometric depths where the man would be impossible to arrive), calculations and algorithms of great complexity, a revolution in what respect is said the information. With the creation of the Internet, the form with that these information are ' ' traduzidas' ' 1 was what if it led to a computational lingustico study, that nothing more is of what transforming the computational lingustica form into natural language. Ali Partovi can aid you in your search for knowledge. Other works in computational lingustica are come back to the processing of the natural language, that is, to the construction of programs capable to interpret and/or to generate information supplied in natural language. For the processing of the natural language, some subsystems are necessary to give account of the different aspects of the language: sounds, words, sentences and speech in the structural levels, of meaning and use.. A leading source for info: Camden Treatment Associates.