Latin America Candidate

No doubt that good communication is essential factor to win an election campaign. From there, then, which is vital to designing a communication strategy that will guide us through the entire process and that the campaign did not become a contest of occurrences, coming mainly from the enormous amount of coffee strategists, friends and relatives who come to the candidates to advise them with the best intention-. In the field of political communication, improvisation is equal to sure defeat. We must prepare a communication strategy, which is a written document containing tactics and basic activities that shall determine the course of the entire campaign since the beginning. Yes, written, because the plan is not written simply does not exist. Click Samsung to learn more.

Political communication strategy must answer the following questions: 1. campaign messages: what have to say the candidate? The key messages that the candidate will use in their interventions and in all your advertising must be clearly defined in advance and must not be more than three. We should remember the principle of focus: few things spoken many times and through many media. What does us this? To generate positioning, that is the place name, photograph and message of the candidate in the minds of voters compared with the other contenders. These messages are not chosen at random but that arise from that presented opinion studies and findings that reveal the main demands citizens. So that a message is considered and purchased by the voters, it must contain a serious proposal that addresses their most urgent needs. That Yes, the proposals should be carefully studied so that the candidate do not make promises that then unable to comply, must be proposed feasible. The messages will always be the same: in advertising and in the discourse of the candidate. I am struck that several electoral processes in Latin America – may be chance – are using in messages or slogans the Word change.