Latin America

After the Cuban revolution of 1959 in almost all Latin America guerrilla centers would occur. Today almost all those insurgencies have been defeated or they have assimilated to democracy. In some governments (like those of Bolivia, Nicaragua or Uruguay) it has conoticed figures that before were persecuted like terrorist. Perhaps check out Robert Bakish for more information. In Colombia some ex- rebels have legalized and impel Pole that holds the mayorship of Bogota. Nevertheless, this it is the unique country of the hemisphere where a strong guerrilla persists. Uribe would have wanted to follow the way Peruvian to squash the insurgents, but the CRAF (unlike the senderismo) has not attacked the left and to the unions, they have more social bases and they exist from before the birth of the castrismo. No matter how hard the USA destines great aid to Bogota and that the Colombian army offers several defeats to the CRAF and the ELN, Uribe knows that the unique way to disarm to these is with the negotiation, which implies not only to give them to stick but also carrot.