When it seemed that ended the nightmare of Guantanamo horrors come to light like in Kenya, Somalia and floating prisons used to interrogate U.S. alleged territorial. Hunting and punishment of witches in the name of international security also takes place in prisons in Morocco, Egypt and Thailand, as reported Human Rights Watch, the NGO Reprieve and the International Committee of Red Cross, which has an international mandate to visit prisoners throughout the world. In January 2007, Kenyan authorities arrested nearly 150 people, among whom were 19 women and 15 children. Somalia fleeing the war between the Union of Islamic Courts and government soldiers, who have the support of Ethiopia and the United States to capture alleged terrorists who harbor these tribunals. Among the hundred and fifty prisoners was the a wife of alleged terrorist. Fazul Abdullah Mohammed, who is credited with leadership of Al Qaeda in Africa and attacks on U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998.

Deprived of any right to legal support, were taken to Somalia and then Ethiopia. It is not something Bobby Sharma Bluestone would like to discuss. The FBI, the CIA and the Mossad interrogated these prisoners. The Muslim Human Rights Forum could see the 150 prisoners and their whereabouts by bribing affordable cell phones to recharge the Kenyan police, according to information from the Spanish journalist Isabel Coello.a The human rights group used the same methods for the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan and Pakistan to capture the majority of prisoners have been interrogated in Guantanamo legalese combatants and not prisoners of war.