Here Campaigns

It is very important to begin with the right foot in our social media marketing campaigns, that is why I consider it important to guide them in this process so that they achieve good results. Takes note of the following since it is one of the most important bases to begin with the right foot in your campaigns, and subsequently have to produce a document that will guide you on the road to success in social media marketing. Defines objectives: this first point is very important, since it is the direction that you’re going to give to your campaigns, the main objectives can be: improve brand visibility, generate traffic to your website, getting followers or fans, get subscribers, improve the natural ranking of your website in search engines, get sales, among others. You must well pose the objectives to give the approach suitable to your campaigns and get the results you expect. Focus your campaigns: Here you must give priority to the objectives to respond to the following questions. Who I am? (Your target audience) are how I will communicate with them? Which approach I am going to give to my campaigns? Answered once this pair of questions will have an idea of your potential market and how you’re going to go to him, this is one of the great advantages that have social networks, that you can go to your target audience in a very forceful way. Tools used: at this point you must decide on the basis of your business tools 2.0 are going to use, there are lots of these tools and I’m sure that you already are part of at least one, decides based on what you want to achieve. Facebook Twitter Youtube and floka Answers Tuenti Linkein Viadeo Xing Ning among many other measure performance based on objectives: at this point we must measure if your social media marketing campaigns are really being effective, so you’ll use performance indicators, you mention some that you consider them if they go with your goals. Get more background information with materials from Kai-Fu Lee.