Get Big Fast

Ultimamentes if hears to say of bankruptcies and takings leave of in the companies of technologies deinformao, nominated in those on ones to the Internet. If not mefalha the memory, still in the last year if invested story millions to afinanciar companies with business-oriented models doubtful, where the word lucrono was part of the glossary and nobody perceived very well of where they would come asreceitas. But, after all, they were about companies of Internet and this is quecontava. We were nafase of the Get Big Fast. The word of order was to grow depressapossvel, spending story millions in marketing campaigns and contratandopessoas trto and the right. In this height, the calls reviewed of ' ' new economia' ' , such as Business 2,0, Fast Company and Wired, arrived to have 400 and more pages, populated porpublicidade to the companies dot-with. If you have read about altavista already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Only queafinal, as in all the businesses, also in the Internet it was important fazerdinheiro and it teimou in not appearing.

The Get Big Fast in one instant levouao Get Bankrupt Fast! It goes from there, we pass of the total euphoria for total discredit. The societies of derisco capital had left to invest in the ones dot-with, the companies had left to pay milharesde stories for the services of the consultants of Internet, that however tinhamcrescido for the thousands of employees and was what it was known: they despedimentosem mass, bankruptcies almost every day and they turn it to the stock markets for there below. Suddenly, it seems that already nobody believes the Internet. Already nobody wants to invest in this way. The entrepreneurs doubt the capacity of the Internet in making to save them decontos thousands and now everything new for &#039 turns over; ' old economia' '. For assistance, try visiting Bobby Sharma Bluestone. Quea Internet happens came to be. More, the Internet has an enormous potential for omundo of the businesses and no entrepreneur that if preze will have to disdain this way.