An important step in my self-education has become an active part in various online conferences and webinars. So, I came across an interesting idea, the idea that I want to share with you in this article. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Mashable. It seems everyone is looking TV ads seen Didzhus. I mean the advertisement with the slogan "All at once." It was she who brought the idea of finding a recipe how to make sure to get everything at once? – What does he say? – Most think, after reading these lines. Normally you should not get off the flight and fantasy to believe that there is a magic recipe that will give all at once. This is a procedure which will use a quick result, do not chikaya years. I have personally tested Several methods are designed for it and want to share moments and principles that I consider the most effective. At the beginning of a little philosophy.

What has the greatest impact on our lives? I went through a great long number of factors and as a result discovered three main ones: 1) thoughts (or thinking, a way of making you want to call it) 2) The actions of 3) Environment. These are the three main factors that determine the state of our lives. Notice I did not even write anything about the state of health! Returning to the classics. "Being determines consciousness, and consciousness determines being" I really do believe that thoughts are material. In this I am 100% agree with the idea expressed in the movie "The Secret" (I advise everyone to see.) But I do not perceive the materiality of thought as some sort of magic radio wave.