Claude Charpentier

Callas pdfPilot Canadian signature provider integrates into its solution – user of the signature solution ConsignO can convert digitally signed documents to PDF/A format the Canadian non-profit organization of Notarius integrates the callas pdfPilot their digital signature solution. With technology from callas software, which is also part of Adobe Acrobat XI, ConsignO users can validate your PDF/A documents and ensure that they comply with the ISO standard. 14 professional associations and 10,000 users in Canada rely on the digital signature solution by Notarius. While most of them produce documents that ten, sometimes even more than 30 years must be readable. Typical examples are drawings of bridges and electricity networks. The PDF/A documents to be signed due to the long retention periods. Our digital signature solution supports the translation and validation of PDF/A documents, but not on the current standard,”says Claude Charpentier, CEO of Notarius. With the integration of pdfPilot have we now closed this gap.

Furthermore the partnership with a leading company like callas software, ensures that we offer our customers also for the next years the best of breed”solution can.” Notarius software opted for the callas software, because she used the same test technologies such as Adobe Acrobat. In addition, its easy to integrate as well as the fast and competent support for the provider spoke for the pdfPilot. In contrast to Germany, PDF/A in Canada only now gaining importance and Notarius supports this development with its solution,”says Dietrich von Valencia, business development manager at callas software. We are pleased therefore, that the company has decided for our solution.” Notarius plans this year in addition to take advantage of additional features of pdfPilot about PDF/A. About Notarius since 1998 creates and manages Notarius trusted digital signature solutions, the 14 Canadian organizations and more than 10,000 be applied to professional users. With these solutions, users can digitally sign electronic documents and thereby guarantee same validity as with a handwritten signed paper document.