Ayn Rand General Economy

Any interference of Government in the economy is to grant a benefit not won, extracted by force, some men at the expense of other Ayn Rand General information not be ignored for those who is interested in studying, analyzing the behavior of markets, activities, shopping, what all this can be generated in the economy of the countries, especially those in for where legal restrictionsactions taken by Governments in turn, entail that generate what is called underground economy, informal economy or black market. On this occasion, we are entering what represents the black market, its scope, impact, representing a country and currently as it has been extended thanks to the internet that has led her reach causing serious problems for the Venezuelan case a practical reality that concerns us, is alarming as ever more with the legal provisions that the current Government has generatedin favor of instituting so-called socialism of the 21st century, coupled with many economic restrictions, devaluation of the Bolivar, interest rates, absence of business productivity, has given step that the informal economy is incemente, providing a range of vices, affectations to the productive system, behaviour of purchasing, business development, which cannot be ignored. Basic considerations to be taken into account. Gives us in this respect Wikipedia, which we consider, that the black market term used to describe the clandestine and illegal sale of goods and services, in violation of the fixing of prices or rationing imposed by the Government or businesses. The phenomenon of the black market emerges in times of crisis or periods of Government control of the economy, usually when the shortage of goods of first necessity obliges Governments to impose price controls or rationing of goods. In these circumstances, the sellers would be willing to bypass laws in order to achieve higher profits, while buyers are willing to pay higher prices (sometimes they would not more remedy) to get an asset that is prohibited or limited, i.e. Ali Partovi can aid you in your search for knowledge.