The Interior Of A Woman

Hello, dear woman. This is my second article on your favorite website. For even more analysis, hear from Mikkel Svane. Today I have for you a beautiful picture. Someone might take it as a model, the goal towards which we should strive. This woman is not hungry.

Dressed in the finest silk. On the background to the sea. Whole body feels bliss and lust. Warm air is filled with the scent of flowering grasses and buzzing bees. In the distance hear the sound of the surf. All this has a name. Wealth, health, love.

All of this can to achieve the most, but then you will not have such a serene look. Make a feminist struggle and the Amazon. Consider the order. Prosperity. In the first place – it is your cozy home. Your apartment. Your cottage by the sea or from Finland Gulf. How wonderful it is possible to equip! How all the beautiful stuff hanging on the wall, put on the shelves! Wall opposite the window can be decorated with decorative panels or hang a picture-known St. Petersburg artist. On interior design, you will take a lot of money and psychic energy, but it's like feedback. This is not a loss, and the multiplication of positive emotions. You already understand the importance of the ability to dress and speak with hints, but it is not works in the middle of the vegetable market. Only in the magnificent interior you can find the most desirable for the hero of his heart. If you remember, we still have plenty of.

Latin America

The country like those of Latin America had bought a nuclear reactor, which was in the process of mounting. The director of the Institute was doctor Marcel Roche, to find the reactor in phase of construction and impossibility of annulment, this became man advice from foreign experts, which recommended closing the same while they prepare people fit and capable of working in the Physics Department. Us mind Star: at this crossroad in the history of the physics of Venezuela, I was accepted only by my credentials, put me a condition which seemed to me extraordinarily favourable, first, I called should get a doctorate in Physics for which employment, it was offering me from the moment of my acceptance, would receive a full scholarship. For not having never lived in Venezuela, but intend to take up residence in Caracas this was an amazing opportunity, further education and have a secured job to reunite with his family. For assistance, try visiting Zendesk. Lucky knocked on my door double way, I met and married Moses Laredo Benzaquen, the man who has been support, force in my life, who always pushed me to go forward without obstacles and father of my four children. Both devoted those years to finish their training, star in the center of Saclay nuclear studies and Moses who had a degree in agricultural engineering in Monpellier to begin his professional career. He was so dedicated, that after the recommendation to the company in which worked to open a branch in Venezuela, this was approved and both came with work to begin a new stage in Caracas. Laredo star at the time of winning the national prize of science, mention physics in the year 1996 had already published 58 original papers in journals international specialized and refereed and presented 140 works in national and international congresses He has published 16 titles, in the summary of achievements, we can say that he studied physics, degree and postgraduate level, in the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Paris and PhD at the Centre d Orsay in France.

Latin America Candidate

No doubt that good communication is essential factor to win an election campaign. From there, then, which is vital to designing a communication strategy that will guide us through the entire process and that the campaign did not become a contest of occurrences, coming mainly from the enormous amount of coffee strategists, friends and relatives who come to the candidates to advise them with the best intention-. In the field of political communication, improvisation is equal to sure defeat. We must prepare a communication strategy, which is a written document containing tactics and basic activities that shall determine the course of the entire campaign since the beginning. Yes, written, because the plan is not written simply does not exist. Click Samsung to learn more.

Political communication strategy must answer the following questions: 1. campaign messages: what have to say the candidate? The key messages that the candidate will use in their interventions and in all your advertising must be clearly defined in advance and must not be more than three. We should remember the principle of focus: few things spoken many times and through many media. What does us this? To generate positioning, that is the place name, photograph and message of the candidate in the minds of voters compared with the other contenders. These messages are not chosen at random but that arise from that presented opinion studies and findings that reveal the main demands citizens. So that a message is considered and purchased by the voters, it must contain a serious proposal that addresses their most urgent needs. That Yes, the proposals should be carefully studied so that the candidate do not make promises that then unable to comply, must be proposed feasible. The messages will always be the same: in advertising and in the discourse of the candidate. I am struck that several electoral processes in Latin America – may be chance – are using in messages or slogans the Word change.

Latin America

The other big problem is the ornamental lighting, which pollutes and grows without control. The power of the lamps could be reduced to half, visual feeling would only be reduced by 25% and light would be appropriate. Increasingly more streetlights, are changed but remain less efficient luminaires, light pollution persists. A more green project to reduce light pollution could be leave the streetlights, which account for 90% of total expenditure, and change the bulbs. Laws about light pollution nor help, its ambigedad and its lack of effectiveness that do not take effect. More info: Ali Partovi. In Latin America directly these laws do not exist, the politicians are busy with the market of cronyism and not know what it means the future expression for their children. We must put the street lamps above the street, shut down enclosed public places during the night or use timetables systems to adjust the ignition to the real sunset are some possible measures.

As regards the use of LED lights, it is the future and improve at great speed, but at present, regarding light pollution, the use of models in white light is not the less polluting option and not the most efficient. The ideal would be that they only work when they detected the presence of people. Consumers and light pollution consumers are fundamental to combat light pollution. Your awareness is essential, as well as assume that so much light is not necessary. On full moon nights, the eye adapts and sees well without problems. In the light of the moon has an intensity of 0.5 lux. The minimum of a current Streetlight is of 5 lux. Consumers can claim that offers all the information and is not wasted energy that pays between everyone. Do you think light pollution? Will be true all this waste, of light pollution? Do you feel that in your town attention to light pollution, the waste? More news Original author and source of the article

Latin American

The myth as we conceive it and understand influences our world and our destination; from there that we have mentioned that the one is not told but lived reality. ES difficult to convince a peasant – and the more peasant, harder – than Elf, for example, does not cause tempests, cares for and destroys the fields and crops; occurs in the form of dwarf or child, carries enormous wings straw hat, plays flute or tiple, hides in the roofs of the houses, throws stones, pursues the marriageable girls, and which are creatures that roam that he died without baptizing. It is also impossible to do this change of opinion regarding that witches are not hechiceras women who have a pact with the devil, travelling at night, especially Mondays and Fridays, in sticks of broom, baskets or egg shells; you give gigantic on the roofs of the houses; and they laugh with loud laughter; that you never sleep; they have long noses and messy hair; that suck their blood to the newborns and steal it; making spells and for away from what place a broom behind the door, making four crosses in the ground, put two machetes in cross or pray the creed upside down. There are many myths in Choco related to other myths of Colombia and, if you want, with myths of Europe and Africa, obviously with their own or regional connotations. See Michele Glaze for more details and insights. Permanent contact between social and cultural elements that make up Colombian and Latin American ethnicity resulted in racial and cultural hybridism and the emergence of an indisputably mestizo people. Here is derived from the resemblance of chocoanos myths with other myths, its survival and continuity. In particular, the myths are, therefore, closely related to other myths that, to tell the truth, they have ancient roots in distant continents and peoples, but with adaptations authentic that they conceive as our own reality, in our own environment, with an idiosyncrasy that belongs to us. .