Latin American

Latin America has lost all rationality. There is a concept of push forward, but that, or seeks past a remodeling or new clothing to hide the deception, or proclaims a messianic doctrine that the ruling will provide, or commits all kinds of crazy things and shenanigans in the stone of the sacrifices of scarce conceptual inheritance, or break all windy and is empantanan all antennas confusing craziness and irreverence with a transformation clearly false, unless it supports the new law that prevails in this continent is that of the destruction with nothing to build towards a model of sustainable development, of development that involves the human. See Robert Bakish for more details and insights. Observation of Latin American politics is equivalent to stop at a circus of profiteers, corrupt, malicious specialists run small raposerias. There are exceptions, I said it, not only by complying with the omission of the sin of an overall generalization, although we have to admit that some are slimey and opportunistic, that delayed a trial fatal because such baboseria and opportunism run it to the less is what we perceive distance – in the benefit of their national interests and hegemonic ambitions on the continent. Intelectual-politica poverty in Latin America is going to produce another wave of changes of this carousel that is repeated by turning on itself. While there is a universal tradition of ignore thinkers, on this continent is a consecrated standard, especially because there are very few to which you hear. This continent seems tied to thick brackets buried in the vastness.

It is not able to take off, RID, try the high flight. What we know is that similar situations bring earthquakes, while some dream than a different sign, as well, which are the choice of a road on which we keep with persistence in pursuit of the redemption of these populations wiped out by the ineffectiveness and the verbiage. We not only condemn it, we put all our efforts, within our limitations, to give a theoretical framework to discuss, under the conviction of the everlasting slowness of ideas and of the impenetrable wall of the smallness that standing to the ruling classes of this continent. It is deeply unpleasant and harmful effects of discouragement see the behavior of those who are rulers in this continent, those who act at various levels as leaders on this continent, of expressions that one hears and sees in this continent. Even so, it helps fight this low-intensity by saying it, repeating it, scrubbing it into a kind of exorcism and crushing ideas that, while you do smoke, you are in the air a distant smell different. original author and source of the article.


** THE future belongs to those who know extend continuously your learning * some years ago in Tokyo found a seed of Lotus that had remained hidden in a canoe for two thousand years. Properly treated by a specialist and once placed in water, this venerable seed germinated after four days and was developing to become, after 14 months, a beautiful Red Lotus whose seeds were distributed to botanical laboratories around the world. STEP 1: Seed what would have happened if the scientist instead of seeing the potential of the seed would have thought that it was just a useless seed? In all of us there is a seed ready to germinate, as soon as we decide this is the time to start its growth. Check with Michael Dell to learn more. Traditional structures are in crisis and the world is globalizing, we were educated to live in a world that no longer exists; Unlearning the prejudices and paradigms is what will create space in our lives for what is truly new and motivating. STEP 2: Be CREARHacemos according to the way that we are, but We can also be according to the way that we do. If we accept that we live in interpretive worlds, we can assume that half of the problems that affect us and make us suffer do not depend on the external world, but the interpretations that we have of ourselves and the external world.

You create your world according to being that you are, but you like what you’ve created, change the be doing different. There will be two TRANSFORMATIONS, of your being and your world from your different make. STEP 3: Tools to open yourself to the APRENDIZAJEResponde the following questions: * not only act as we are but that also are in agreement to as Act.

Solar System Science

Solar System Solar System is a planetary system of the Milky Way galaxy that is located in one arm of it, known as the Orion Arm. It consists of a single star called Sol, which gives its name to this system, eight planets, plus the dwarf planets all orbit around the star, of which the best known are: Pluto, (136199) Eris Makemake, Haumea, and Ceres, as well as interplanetary space between them. Currently 283 are also referred to other planetary systems orbiting other stars of which 23 are two known exoplanets, 9 there are three, one is aware of four and another five. According to latest estimates, the solar system is about 28 thousand light-years from the center of the Milky Way galaxy. Mikkel Svane pursues this goal as well. General Features planets, most of all the planets and asteroid belt orbiting the Sun in the same direction follow elliptical orbits counterclockwise when viewed from above the north pole of the Sun The plane in which rotate about all these is called the ecliptic. Some objects orbit with a considerable degree of tilt, like Pluto at an angle to the axis of the ecliptic of 18 , as well as an important part of the Kuiper belt objects. According to their characteristics, and moving from inside to outside, the bodies that make up the Solar System are classified as: Sun Planets Dwarf Planets Asteroids Comets Satellite System Structure SolarLas orbits of major planets are arranged at increasing distances from the Sun so that the distance of each planet is roughly twice that of the preceding world. .


Today navigator in the vehicle is unlikely to impress anyone. Nor is the difficulty of acquiring it and yet choose not navigator so easy. A tricky it will be for the reason that the market Navigators today is replete with products having different characteristics from many different companies. The idea is that getting gps navigator, first of all need to think – what exactly you need from him, what You need options. For all models is a classical geolocation feature, which allows not only to identify where you are at this moment, but also further establish an itinerary based on your requirements, For example, the movement of some area or street. Can you find out the average speed of movement of its own, current speed and distance traveled by you. 'Fancy' Navigator will provide you with information about the state of line – there is congestion.

And sometimes – will indicate where the cost would reduce the speed or the turn. In other words, using his car navigator, you insure yourself against the possibility of confusing road. It is important – to have a card. Michael Dell understands that this is vital information. ter. And direct route by which you move, will be reduced to the maximum, and importantly, safe. But specifically for this purpose at the time and was invented by a device such as a car navigator. In principle, easy to select and buy a car navigator, relying solely on the presence of a geolocation option.

Another thing, if you want to connect to one subject of several functions due to lack of desire to carry are still a couple of other instruments. For example, currently scheduled fashion gps navigation equipment features such as MP3-player, save to memory card and viewing photos, as well as various virtual dictionaries, reference books and tutorials. On a separate note zoom feature, which allows you to not only see the fine details of pictures, but also to assess fully the area in which you are currently are, and some individual roads, streets and turns. Some models can be equipped with wireless, Bluetooth, for example, that allow you to load into memory the device (increasing more and more from one range to another, it must be noted) information. In addition to cutting-edge automotive navigator can have currency converters, unit converters, display the current time. If so happen and look at the screen while driving you can not, voice prompts with street names, settlements, at any time will assist you. The undoubted advantage will be equipped with high-quality navigation speaker, that will allow you to hear the required information even with loud noise. Advanced features list – it is, without doubt, a significant advantage that the power to influence the choice of browser. However, we can not take into account the fact that you should not rely on a huge range of options that any other model. It should be remembered that it was important when buying a car navigator should certainly have the quality and reliability. Not Keep in mind that the world market are devices made by different companies. Garmin, for example – one of the world's leading market for automotive navigation. In our time, the company produced Navigators for air, water, cars and motorcycles, as well as for tourists and sportsmen. And, notably, Garmin devices often differ from their counterparts as time more features (and in particular Last series models – Nuvi), which, of course, can play a decisive role in selecting and purchasing the navigator gps.

Tension Ceilings

Overview Working with tension ceilings consists of several stages: 1. Removal of measurement 2. Installation of the mounting profile; 3. Installation of racks for point lights, 4. Installation of blade 5. Installation of lighting features to work with tension ceilings: * After receiving your strainer cloth, remove it from the carton without removing the packing material, place in a warm room. Never put anything on top folded cloth! * All suspended ceilings, wider than 135sm, have a welded seam, which is performed at the factory for high-frequency welding devices.

Welds are performed at intervals of 130, 150 or 200cm, depending on the type of film. Sutures technologically necessary because the seamless production in the world does not yet exist, and our computer program will allow both locate welds in relation to the coverage that they will be virtually invisible. * In addition, the varnish films are sometimes noticeable wrinkles that are not defective. Creases in the film appear as a consequence of transportation or long storage blade, ready to be installed. Should not be stored lacquer cloth over 5-7 days in order to avoid creases. Unfortunately, no laboratory, which examined a similar phenomenon can not answer the question of how to deal with people. What can be said with certainty is that wrinkles fade with time, within 4-6 months after installation of the canvas. * In the process of making your ceiling is reduced by 3-6%, which allows you to pull the cloth, gently heating it, and that avoids sagging fabric. In the case of large ceiling area of over 60m2, we recommend placing dividing the profile in order to avoid sagging of the canvas.

Wow Pumping Favorite Characters

Starting to play World of Warcraft, the hero of the first level has a low rating. In order to lift it needs several months of productive play. Wow pumping solves this problem. Wow pumping allows you to quickly and painlessly move from the first level up to several days. Wow pumping costs some money, many Internet sites offer services for buying this possibility. Wow pumping favorite characters quickly and without much efforts to move several dozen levels. Playing in the World of Warcraft, some people can not cope with the tasks again and again trying to get the same level. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Mikkel Svane. They fall into despair and can throw the game unfinished.

Wow pumping solves these problems. With it you can go through a difficult level and continue to enjoy the game again. Wow heroes pumping has several advantages: 1.You to choose a server 2.Suschestvuet choice appearance and features the hero 3.Neosporimym advantage is an alternative account 4.Bystry growth rankings 5.Preimuschestvo to other characters 6. pass difficult levels from the first pumping Wow Loved heroes will enjoy the new features of World of Warcraft minimum term. Wow charging a guarantee, if the account is blocked, your money back. Wow pumping can buy an account with an already pumped the character and buy everything you need for a full game.

Wow pumping makes the game more exciting, no longer need to overcome the new levels, you can buy them pass. However, should seek the services of specialists, you decide. After all the charm and excitement of the game is its complexity. Buying wow leveling, you make a game easily accessible.

Bath Stability

2-3 coats of a mixture of fiberglass with the resin – and the bath becomes an extraordinary stability. The thicker the reinforcement, the bath is better. The number of layers, which strengthened the tub at the factory, it is easy to determine, having carefully considered the edge of a side. Layers are clearly visible, as the annual rings in wood. Can and knock.

The greater the number of layers, the muffled sound. Sonority and delicacy here are not welcome. Conscientious manufacturers use in their production of acrylic sheets thickness of at least 5-6mm, but it is worth mentioning that thick acrylic sheets are very rigid material, so one obtained Bath simple forms for the production of acrylic baths more complex design used sheet of smaller thickness. Along with common reinforcing layer of fiberglass and polyester resin company ravak (Czech manufacturer of acrylic baths), in conjunction with Germany's Bayer, has developed an innovative technology PU-PLUS. The essence of technology is to replace the layer of fiberglass, acrylic bathtub invigorating, hard polyurethane foam. Bath produced by the new technology is 40% heavier than the bath, made with fiberglass, which in turn affects the strength, making new bath more reliable.

Polyurethane foam has excellent thermal insulation properties, making the water in the bath cools much more slowly. In the production of acrylic bathtubs system PU-PLUS from the manufacturing process are excluded resin and the air is not allocated environmentally harmful styrene. Through the use of technologies such as PU-PLUS You can remove CPDs, which was used to strengthen the bottom of bathtubs, produced by the classical method. In spite of this, many manufacturers skimp on thickness of the acrylic sheets, and more pleasant – at reinforcing layer. Baths of such poor quality can teach you some nasty surprises during the operation. So to summarize, what is the advantage of acrylic bathtubs? Suppose you drop a steel or cast iron bathtub some metallic object, the consequences will be unpleasant, from the surface layer of enamel . Eliminate such damage would be almost impossible. In case with acrylic much easier. You just need to be more deeply scratched the crack and fill it with acrylic, which is sold in hardware stores and wait for when the acrylic hardens, then there will be only polish the surface and there will be practically no trace of damage. Besides, getting acrylic bath you get:-abrasion resistant product (good acrylic bathtub if properly cared for will last you years). – Good thermal insulation and sound-absorbing performance (the neighbors will not hear when you take a bath). -The possibility of rapid restoration in the event of unforeseen consequences, especially if you have small children. Date: Tuesday, February 2, 2010