Latin American

The contradiction is lived with the great bearded fortune teller and reality. Formula that it leads to a fateful decision; translated into civil wars, murders, terrorist attacks, fanaticism, among other scourges that aguijonearon our continent. Finalizing this issue, same Che met his death delirado by your own company – theoretical and practical – to your photo and likeness. His portrait, receiver Beatus of content; a wine skin that we have filled with our own findings is Greek. As all caudillo, the mythological symbolism of his personality he owns in image. Front, beret and hair in the air, carrying 31 winters.

Miguel Angel had had the opportunity to replicate to Guevara in his sparkling marble from Carrara, I can say without hesitation, his sculptural product would be very similar to the picture of Alberto Diaz Korda. A striking similarity between the gaze of the Tomb Moses July II – and the physiognomy of Ernesto there is what scholars of art called the terribilita the blinding and predatory impact of a penetrating gaze. The geography of his face is sufficient argument to legitimise his greatness. Therefore, brandishing the chisel, each has built a Che, scraping in marbles of your consciousness, and in the majority of cases, do not have more than carved in his image and likeness. Che is an easily appropriable figure, the vast majority of young people becomes his numen, her ideas are simply promotive, timely aphorisms.

As I mentioned earlier, the creation of Che is not universal on the other hand, is a real Kaleidoscope.Located in the flowery land of humanism, Che is an example of unselfishness and sacrifice in pursuit of one’s neighbor. From the prisms Marxists, a theoretical and practical Latin American, which always recalled the 11 of Feuerbach theses and the need to transform the world. Breaded biological rebellion lenses extolled as a great doctor adalid, teens ritualizan their bedrooms with reviews and eloquent phrases that emphasize the necessity of attacking the system and always hold the impassable revolutionary character.