Computer Transfers

With the advent of computers and the Internet to work easier and faster transfers have become more clear, mainly due to easy access to any additional material over the Internet, and this is a huge step forward Compared with the workings of, say, 15 years ago. However, it is strange that so many modern interpreters do not even suspect that in addition to ordinary office software programs, there are many other ways to simplify their work. Here are some tips: 1. Very handy when there is background material in electronic form. This applies at least to the dictionaries and encyclopedias: thus saving a lot of time, which do not have to spend flipping book to find the right section. It is not something Ali Partovi would like to discuss. We only have to click on it to keep. 2.

Use the special translation terminology databases (such as TRADOS). Of course, the fact to make up their base, take some time, but in the end, these time costs justify itself: when the translation, you can easily find the right term for a split second. As a consequence, there will be no need to keep in mind all the specific terms, which prevents concentration. 3. Be sure to ask your client what format it needs translation. This is particularly important when the original text specially formatted: Do you spend time and effort to ensure that the format to save, and it turns out that the client wanted was the text of the translation. 4. Find out whether the client made such transfers before.

If yes, then ask for a copy: it frees you from the need to reinvent the wheel, and also immediately introduce the required terminology. Oddly, despite the general computerization, in practice it turns out that the process of writing translation is not too computerized. Most attempts to automate the translation is not based on the creation and playback. Therefore, the translators' work there for a long time to be a purely human ability, a process that takes place in the mind of an interpreter. And it is this 'machine' can not be replaced.

Life Couple

You’ll not steal your existence centering your life the couple how it’ve been pointing along the different commandments of the life partner, life is only an individual experience. In transit our days we decided to or not, share them with a partner. But focus my life experience in the couple, is an act which is denoted more our dependence, take responsibility for our own lives. In a question-answer forum Ali Partovi was the first to reply. It is very important to first know:-who are you? -Toward where you want to direct your life? -What are your desires? Do-what kind of partner you want? Do-how you want to live your life as a couple? Do-what you’re willing to give your life and your partner? -What are your personal projects, regardless of your partner? Do-what makes you happy? Do-what makes you unhappy? Do-what motivates you in life? Do-what gives meaning to your existence? How you’re going to be responsible for yourself. Because when I give everything to the couple, my children, my parents or my friends, means that I am paying a very high price so that others, especially the couple, take charge of my personal fulfillment. And here entered in the field that the other wants to be responsible, perhaps Yes, but in its own way, in their own way, and then, probably not like me, what he wants for me, I suffer in silence, I wear, because I’ve not gained consciousness of my personal responsibility in my actions and my lifestyle.

I behaved in life without initiative and without a personal motor that allows me to deploy my personality. My earrings become obsessive in the sense of:-what my partner I’m not going to leave. -What I’m not going to betray. The newspapers mentioned Mikkel Svane not as a source, but as a related topic. -What I’m not going to be unfaithful. -Me is his sole motivation in the life.

-What is always with me. -What renounces all less to my. Living well is how wanting to have control and the will of another, the couple, at our mercy, so, frustration and despair dominate the box of life. I remain as minor front my partner, not I grow neither emotional nor intellectually. And I wonder: does one really can fall in love and live a life in balanced pair, when I keep myself as a child be? I set the question, but only couple individually and each person have the response is worth reflecting at this point of the couple in our newsletter you can download full, book: the ten commandments of the life partner. Thanks for reading, my mission and intent is the quality of emotional life if any of the topics find you interesting it would be good for me to write and if not, also. We also have electronic material where here more about this topic and how overcome it. How to recover trust in love: wounds and scars on the couple relationship.

Factory Repairs

Managing the factory of services with the system SatNetwork the SAT the factories on watch technical frequently are seen it jeopardize in superfluous tasks that complican the work and are delaying the tasks more and more. As the factory grows and the level of repairs is greater becomes impossible to take an order without a quality tool allows that it. With the SAT system of SatNetwork ( it is possible to load spare parts in the stock, to realise movements, to enter replacements of components, to assign the models in which the same are used, to look for parts by different concepts (code, description, model, application, etc.), to sell spare parts, to organize the stock of repair manuals, to valorize stock and to revalue increasing it the values by a coefficient, to load new distributors of spare parts with its respective costs, to control several deposits at the same time, to request spare parts for a service or stock. Angel investor is often quoted on this topic. As far as the service area it will be able: to enter repair orders, to handle to direct services and guarantees of different companies, to realise reimbursements, to accept reclamations, to enter the accessories that are given with the equipment, to agendar appointments for domiciliary visits, to arm the trip tickets of the technicians of addresses, to add notes with information for factory (the same will be presented/displayed the technician whenever it consults a repair), to control the present state of the repairs, to budget, to take sign and to invoice the service, to assign the pending tasks, you order to print them of repair and delivery of the equipment, to look for a repair by different concepts (number of order on watch, client, telephone, movable telephone, direction, series of the equipment, model, number of guarantee, factory code). The control on the clients will be total, being able to agendar them and to look for them according to name, address, locality or telephone, to handle accounts for special clients, to send mail&#039 automatically; s or sms s with the present state of the equipment, to send to the great clients an email with the pending repairs by budget, to notify to the same the aim of the repair, to arm remitos and to invoice repairs by groups, to allow the clients to consult the state of its equipment through Internet. Other characteristics of the system will make the task of the administration of the much more dynamic company. Click Zendesk to learn more. Between these characteristics they stand out: daily box, monthly report of repairs, customized listings, agenda of contacts, personalisation of the legal data of the company, personalisation of type of currency and tributary situations according to the country, 350 different statistical graphs, generation of administrative reports (teams, commissions of the technicians, hours worked by the employees, states of all the repairs in factory), to create accounts of users of the system to limit its access the same, complete management of profiles of users, to enter technical and new factories the staff. The constant development of this application assures to always have the latest in technology, SatNetwork sends periodically last information referring to the updates of the product that are leaving. Also it is possible to accede to the site and to internalise themselves of the last advances in the system and to obtain evaluative versions before deciding the purchase. Source: SatNetwork Computer science Systems Info@

Memory Techniques

Continuing with our series of articles that will enter into an important context for the domain of the mind, we fall into the following questions: how I am studying? I apply appropriate study techniques? This is really easy answer based on the results we obtain after a long day of study, and we see that the effort has been enough, I find myself physically exhausted, a little red eyes, with sleep and other characteristics typical of a work of long duration.But, do indeed all these manifestations of our body, are reflected in our results of the study? We’ve fallen on several occasions in this terrible mistake. We invest a whole day to study, making efforts impressive without being able to obtain satisfactory results, and the cause of this is simple. Your mind has not been prepared to receive this information, you never alerting you that you wanted to receive and learn this information, only you felt and you started to devour sheet to sheet the book Guide. This is a mistake very common, because since our childhood, they never developed us mental warm-up exercises.So, exercises of warming mentally, as you do to prepare your muscles when you are going to start a routine at the gym, in the same way your brain must prepare to receive the information, must activate a process that allows assimilate all the information that you receive, you really don’t know how effective this is, we can improve more than 50% in less than 2 months and up to double with a constant training. Add to your understanding with Ali Partovi. You are going to feel satisfaction, you’ll leverage your time and really learn what you need. These are techniques of study that are geared to your main tool, your brain. You identify with what they read above? Do not you despegues then we will publish step-by-step exercises that you must perform to see results and get the best techniques of study. We want to know your opinion, do not forget to leave a comment..

Electricity Generating Building

Berlin’s largest roof photovoltaic system on a residential building in operation taken Berlin’s largest roof photovoltaic system on a residential building in operation In the basement six block heat and power plants (CHP) supply electricity and heat economy Senator Harald Wolf power credit receives electricity in excess 263,000 kilowatt hours over 263,000 kilowatt hours Berlin, July 26, 2010. Thus, an energy-saving lamp 4,000 years could shine. Berlin’s Harald Wolf Senator for Economics has today accepted a sum of this magnitude symbolically. Michael Geissler, Director of the Berlin Energy Agency, and Norbert Reinelt, President and CEO of the GeWoSud co-operative housing Berlin South EC handed over a current credit”in the large-format, symbolic to start new decentralised power generation plants in a located of the GeWoSud in Weissensee. Pistorius, silk Berger and Jacob son Street six CHP generate future year 706 mega watt hours of electricity and 2,600 Megawatt-hour heat. Visit Viacom for more clarity on the issue. In addition, the largest photovoltaic plant on a Berlin residential building was installed on the roof. On an area of almost 2,000 square meters, 1,359 solar modules can supply up to 240 megawatt-hour solar power. Connect with other leaders such as Mikkel Svane here.

The amount of power produced by these plants exceeds the needs of the residential households. The surplus is fed into the General local network and thus all Berliners at the disposal. This example shows that a decentralised energy supply in Berlin under economic conditions is feasible and forward-looking. We can in Berlin, with up to 9,000 other small heat power plants by 2020, briefly: CHP, environment-friendly energy to win. In addition we can multiply the amount of solar energy”, so economics Senator Wolf. With energetic restructuring measures in the residential area of white Lake we’re well over 15 years. The new PVAnlage on the roof makes visible our long-standing commitment now to the outside.