ZoneLINK SystemUp HARDDISK 2009 beta tester zoneLINK developed is currently looking for the new hard disk analysis tool SystemUp HARDDISK 2009 beta testers now have the opportunity to take the version once scrutinized. Ulm, April 6, 2009. Developed and in November last year for the first time released product series SystemUp of zoneLINK is soon further strengthening: SystemUp HARDDISK 2009 beta testers to the hard disk analysis tool now already once more under the microscope take. Those who register at for the beta test, can download the unreleased software SystemUp HARDDISK 2009 and shape. As a thank you all active beta testers get zoneLINK a download voucher to the value of 20 euros for a product of their choice from the home. The newsletter reported this from the PR agency Xpand21 on behalf of zoneLINK. The failure of the hard drive is the nightmare of every user.

Because hardware failures are often cause for data loss. Whether now due to overheating or plain and simple material wear,. sooner or later, internal disk run the risk, to give up the ghost. Who regularly backs up his data, is ever on the safe side. However this device for everyday use like in oblivion. Precisely, if the hard drive crashes, the user comes to most, that once again a backup would have been due. Too late – the data, either the thesis or an important letter of authorities, are lost in the normal case. SystemUp HARDDISK 2009 is a hard disk Analyzer, timely warning in this case: before the likely demise of the hard drive and thus data loss.

You see zoneLINK label zoneLINK headquartered in the Science City of Ulm/Donau, was established in 2007. zoneLINK is one of two new brands under which the HMH hamburger Medien Haus Vertriebs GmbH develops software and published. Application software in the fields of productivity and utilities, security, and entertainment appears zoneLINK under the brand. The product portfolio includes Software that brings direct benefits the user in everyday life, as well as title, the current trends to meet.

Benjamin Franklin

So: What is the difference between great people and simple? The grandeur of the great man is not determined by its position, status and rank, and his willingness to serve others. Marc Mathieu is likely to increase your knowledge. Of course you can argue me. However, before you make a statement either in my direction, just think what characterized by great people?? These are inventions, or the contribution they have made in people's lives … Inventions made by great men, were made for you so that you now enjoy them … Tsiolkovsky, Mother Teresa – this is the first names that come to mind to me. Their fates, their lives speak so much. The first was almost deaf, the second had a penny for his entire life.

But neither the one nor the other has caused not led them to those whom they have become … The purpose and vocation determines what will be filled with your life! Will it be boring, dull and monotonous, or it will be full of turbulent events taking place around you. Yes, yes, yes … It aims to have people. Purpose, they have seen in my life did not allow them to break and to kneel in front of the difficulties and circumstances which arose before them. Thirst and relentless desire to achieve results and produces great people. So what the difference between great people and people with simple? A difference between then and what not.

Again, I repeat, but it is the essence: The greatness of a great man, is determined not by its position, status and rank, and his willingness to serve others people. Your willingness to be empty and meaningless if you do not know how. A 'how', this is the goal and essence of your destination. The meaning of life! Perhaps we already said about the meaning and purpose of and on purpose. However, as not wrong with their goals, how do you make the right choice. The choice at the cost of living. It was there at the end of the path we will be able to give a real assessment of lived … And looking back, not to bite the lips and do not regret about aimlessly lived respectively, and with joy to see, I have done all that I can not reach …, conquest, discovery, tops that you will win, get over on your way to be an expression of your success. And people who tell you with a sense of Thank you for your participation in their lives, it will be your indicator of past life. If you want to be a great man of his time. Not in the magnitude of this word, but in the sense of life lived, to start to learn from the greats: Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, Suvorov, Bach, Tsiolkovsky, Lomonosov, and there is no end to this list. Stories of their destinies will help you busy place and live with dignity. Find purpose and the purpose of gain.


The wizard prompts: "What would I myself will not" steam "let the money I will buy from their partners, well, shorter than all right to be!" Nicholas perspective is not "steam" is quite comfortable with people busy. So decided to do. It took ten days and, oh joy, you can pick up the car! Audi wound up "as the clock, drove, the engine runs fine. Well, what else you want? But no! A month has passed One cold winter morning Nick started the car, warm up the engine, and he stood next to smoke. Familiar pohrustyvanie under the hood, forced to throw the cigarette and open the hood. History repeats itself.

Recently renovated, the engine began to knock again. Again the service. At this time in the "real", not "garage". Autopsy showed that all the parts put in the garage, were made in China, and the cheapest. As already known, cheap and "analogues" of the Middle Kingdom, the quality is different. On the claim of Nicholas master garage service first said that "a hundred times so do, and then -" what would you like for this money? ". Nicholas decided to buy a motor assembly. Where to buy? On the advice of advertising ordered ice in Lithuania.

Promised to bring in two weeks, and brought it. They took the engine from the same Audi, but for the automatic transmission, while Nicholas – Mech. It turned out to put this engine on the machine you need to change some details, well, that they were on sale and did not have long to wait. The result: billions spent nerve cells, enormous overpayment, not to mention the lost time. ps As you can see from my three friends, all were lucky, only the second because it was based on the experiences of others. I am also lucky. I already, even I can not get through to people who took my money. I will learn from mistakes. Pete Cashmore has plenty of information regarding this issue. Money to buy another engine I've accumulated and have already decided on the choice of the seller. And I wish you good luck in buying the engine, gearbox or some other parts for your car! Used data from sites:,,,.