Attack Schemes

Armed from penetration. Armed from the time of attack and counterattack. – Armed ADVANCED combination yield. – Play with the provision of blocking rival. – Use patterns of attack – Owner with a touch of 2nd (Touch or fake) – Strategic Management Game OWNER INDIVIDUAL TRAINING: Training Technique, always looking for great precision. Travel. Pass high and low hands .- GROUP: Progressive training with one, two, three and four bombers.

First non-blocking, then, “always lock.” Factors to consider: The team’s attack schemes in each rotation The tactic of blocking rival’s status and success of the attackers of the team’s strategic location of the reception quality aspects to develop in training the owner. We aim to develop in the owners a complex of features:-Physical. -Technical. “Psychological. -Cognitive. A) Features Physical: “Drive speed and reaction. -Coordination (static and dynamic balance, differentiation, adaptation, coupling.).

-Force. -Resistance to speed. – Agility. B) Specifications:-The hands hit the top in all its variants. “The shift towards the ball from all positions on the field. C) Psychological Features:-Self in downturns. -Will. “Perseverance. nnn-Audacity. D) Cognitive Features:-intelligence tactics. -Manipulative intelligence. -Creativity. Ue Ataq Temporal analysis of stages of the auction – Sequential Phases a) Degree of approximation b) braking impulse c) Promotion of acceleration d) Preparation of the coup e) Blow f) Falling or landing a technical description. Arm action: – Maintain constant speed to continue contributing to increased strength. – Arms high end of the search, bringing the center of gravity and lightening the weight of the body.

The Techniques

RENAISSANCE. Arose the interest in the revision of treaties doctors and by the culture of the body, what he did again arouse the interest in massage 17TH to the 19th CENTURIES. During this period are still committed to the massage as a reference for the health and recovery of injuries and illnesses 20th century. Until this century was offered little information on bind them tros conducted on massage. Currently there are no standards or general technical descriptions, each school is the massage with A different names) CORNELIUS: massage reflex includes all those manual techniques that are applied in areas other than the painful areas and which, however, get relief of symptoms. Acting on these he managed to get rid of headaches. (B) HEAD & MACKENZIE established the existence of a series of connections (reflex ARC), between the internal organs that were called areas of Head (cutaneous area that reflects the pain in relation to a diseased organ). (C) ELISABETH DICKE: reflex massage of tissue Connective is one of the techniques of massage that the treatment takes place in a reflex way through the nervous system. Hear other arguments on the topic with Steve Wozniak.

Through a cutaneous stimulation that will be arriving at different depth levels in the body. (D) VOGLER: Periosteal massage is a technique of massage reflexogeno characterized by work live carried on the periosteum maximum points. (E) FITZGERALD and INGHAN: reflex foot massage medical East sat foot reflexology technique and consists of manipulations (pressures) carried out on the sensitive points of the feet that are related to the various bodies causing an energy balance. (F) EMILE VODDER: lymph drainage Manual development techniques or methods of lymphatic drainage that allowed eliminate tissue waste which at the same time high-energy lymph tissues.Very indicated for edemas, cellulite, stretch marks, wrinkles, heavy legs, stress. (G) CIRYAX: the deep transverse massage technique consists of applied friction transversely to the direction of the fibers of the injured tissue.

Group Mixtures

What is an additive in concrete? Additives in concrete mixtures – are organic or inorganic substances which when added to concrete can adjust its properties. Supplementation can significantly reduce costs while construction. Additives in the concrete mixture is allowed to modify the qualitative and functional characteristics of the concrete. A little history Since ancient times people used in the construction of binders. In Ancient Greece to decorate and protect the houses are often used mortar with the addition of volcanic ash produced on the island of Santorini. (As opposed to Mashable). In ancient China, as used in this rice paste or syrup. Used in Russia lime mortars for masonry and plaster walls. And then there are the first "supplements".

To increase the stability of solutions they added an egg white, milk or linseed oil. Later with the development of science and industry to regulation of setting time of plaster began to use an additive. In the 20 years of the twentieth century began the active use of calcium chloride as an accelerator, and sugar, as the moderator. Top of the use of plasticizers can be attributed to the 30s, and air-supplements – to 50-th year. Classification of concrete admixtures All additives in concrete mixtures are classified according to GOST 24211-91. Grouts are divided into four main groups: 1. Regulatory properties of concrete mixtures: – Group I plasticizers (superplasticizers), plasticizers group II (cilnoplastifitsiruyuschie), plasticizers Group III (sredneplastifitsiruyuschie), plasticizers Group IV (Slaboplastifitsiruyuschie) – stabilizing – water-retaining – improving perekachivaemost – regulating the keeping of concrete mixtures – delaying setting – setting the accelerating – porizuyuschie (for lightweight concrete): air-entraining, foaming, blowing.

2. Regulatory hardening concrete: – slow down hardening – hardening accelerating. 3. Increase the strength and (or) corrosion resistance, frost resistance of concrete and reinforced concrete, reduce the permeability of concrete: – vodoredutsiruyuschie I, II, III and IV – kolmatiruyuschie – blowing – air-entraining – enhancing the protective properties of concrete in relation to steel reinforcement (steel corrosion inhibitors). 4. Giving a concrete special properties: – antifreeze (provide curing at low temperatures) – hydrophobic I, II and III.

Search Hand

In this and adventure is the search: if the store you choose, the second hand you are looking for. But believe me, when you find one thing, I immediately know that it is the same, welcome, and you will not have a shadow sovmneniya that its must be taken immediately. To make your first step into the wonderful world of second hand shops, we must, above all, to reject the stereotypes that it's used clothes. One has to understand that in the light of where we live better and clothes are different. They can get rid of things, simply because she lose one's attraction, but to go and return it to the store just lazy, or thing was wearing one or more times and then stopped like it or have nothing to wear. On a today's world of second hand shops are usually things without wear and often with a label. Even if you is not convinced, imagine how many times the thing is trying on in store before you find a buyer?? But all things in thrift Hyundai undergo chemical processing before they pass through the border, ensuring their sterility.

Today, second hand is very different from the stuff that we could see, say, 10 years ago. Today, he runs carefully sorted, divided into different categories according to the wear and tear, the quality, relevance things. And shops, in turn, get only the highest category of goods, as contemporary buyer for a long time spoiled and at least one form of things like that were sold earlier, he just runs away from this shop. Second-hand in its modern sense, even more like a circle of interest, which is headed by owner shop. Customer relationships he builds are special and will never leave the business to work on "autopilot". The owner is always clearly assess what goods it buys and to whom he can sell it, then lays out the second hand in his shop on a certain pattern and ring up customers, informing them of admission. As you can see second hand from the seller's perspective is not just trade it to live and to take into account many variables and by product and by contingent of buyers. A buyer for a curious adventure to take their own time to spend it usefully, and with all this to save money.

As In Crisis And Cuts In Funding To Build A B

Whatever would we think about the crisis as something we are not related, but still in our present work we have already felt the reaction to it the business community. In this connection I wish to share your thoughts on how to perform earlier task, the construction of buildings of a block of modules, without changing the volume (planning) and technical characteristics but with a smaller budget. On the main thing – the problem is. Possible to save space and functional building. Steve Wozniak is likely to increase your knowledge. But at the same time to sacrifice some technical parameters of the building and thus achieve a lower total cost of up to 30%. The fact that the price has a big impact is what materials are made, for example, enclosing structures or utilities. In this case, is almost always possible to find a reasonable compromise in the materials used in order to get the best price / quality / durability.

Given that Our company today is active throughout the price spectrum of the block-modular construction we produce and cheap cabins (container, module, wagon) and the building of the middle class (for placing domestic and office premises for the duration of short-term construction) and construction of buildings to accommodate them laboratory facilities (which requires compliance with all building and special requirements and regulations) We have extensive experience implementation of projects with different budgets. This experience helps us find a solution acceptable is for your project. Often we combine technologies from different price segments and obtain products that meet customer and Technical and price parameters. I want to emphasize that, as you know, not problems to be solved there – so we can safely say that turning to us, you can find a solution within the problem. I would especially like note – in a crisis when the financial and budgetary aspects of the project is not "rejects" in our proposal, if it is more competitive – give us an opportunity together with you to finalize it. In drawing up the primary proposal, we consider the most full integration, openly speaking about it, at a time when some companies offer an aggregate of those descriptions, and a lower price. But it almost always leads to the fact that in the process of implementation there appear many "surprises" – " it is we do not believe this is not accounted for and worth the extra money " We know how to perform the technical requirements under tight financial constraints. We have experience in developing custom, combined technical and organizational solutions for block-modular construction.