Pay Payment

To exchange one electronic currency to another is enough to choose the amount and indicate the direction of exchange – Special scripts automatically produce an instant exchange, although it is desirable to use a proven exchangers, so as not to fall for bait scammers. One of the good service that offers to find low-cost exchange direction, I use personally and advise you. If you are faced with the need to replenish your account in one of the electronic payment systems, or alternatively cash you earn money, then you will come to the aid of special projects, ready for a certain percentage of your money transfer from electronic to real in your bank account, postal order or cash. Them as there are many, but the advice once again proven options. I personally do its work so far has used only one such service, on the recommendation of his partner, – WM-center exchange titular characters, and remained very pleased with his work. Since we have broached the subject not only electronic money, but in general settlement in the Internet, I would like to say a few words. My dear readers, if you are seriously thinking about building their business with the connection of payment on your site think first and foremost about their clients.

I am confident that you can easily learn all the wisdom of working with payment systems, but your potential buyers will agree, does not necessarily have to possess this knowledge, to make a purchase in your online store. Therefore, along with an electronic payment for the goods shall be present and familiar to all other methods of payment such as money transfer to your bank card payment through the post Department and others, the more the client is easier to carry out the purchase, and you, respectively – to earn. You know, under a still stone gathers no moss. And I want to say a few words about the different payment options for your product Pay by SMS from your mobile phone. Very advanced technology, which allows to significantly increase the percentage of sales, especially for goods worth up to $ 5. It is very convenient and effective! Connect the service You can use the service SMS-lock. More information and links to registration can be found on my website in the section

Elder Trader

Over the next few years there has been a boom through the electronic trading system, which has led to revolutionary changes in the concept investment activities. It is not concerned over any local ramkami. Sovremennye computer technologies allow every potential investor uchatvovat in the largest financial ynkov via the Internet from anywhere in the world, and with minimum cost to manage capital from its kompyutera.Internet simplified method of orders and provided access to information resources, which previously had only starred. Jobs in the financial markets is impossible without an effective program placement sredstv.Effektivnoe capital management allows the trader to ‘survive’ in the markets with margin trading. Just keeping an equal ratio between the sum of profits and losses per average transaction, the trader gets the opportunity to work with money, I do not play. General principles and rules of money management 1.Norma risk for each market in which traders invest their money, should not exceed 5% the total amount of its capital. Thus, if it proves unprofitable, the trader is willing to lose no more than 5% of the total amount of their funds.

The figure of 5% is taken from Murphy, however, such as Elder gives a figure of 1.5% -2%. 2. Determining the level of Stop los warrants. Stop orders are usually assigns a period of lack of trader in the workplace and its main task they save the trader from ruin (execution of stop-loss) or to provide additional Income (stop-profit). The value of the stop-loss, first, depends on Skolkov trader is willing to lose on one transaction and, – secondly, from its calculation of the market situation. 3.For each potential transaction is determined by the rate pribyli.Eta the rate of profit must then be balanced with potntsialnymi losses if the market moves in an undesirable direction. Typically, this ratio ustanavlivatsya as 3 to 1. In the case of protinom from entering the market should be otkazatsya.Naprimer, if a trader provides a risk of the deal at $ 100, then the potential profit should be $ 300.

Japanese Collection

From 26 to 27 May Trading Network DECA introduced new brands and made presentations on the innovations already famous and popular brands. First day began with the presentation of brands, whose experience on the world hour market is estimated in decades, production and development is at the highest professional level. Glamour Stylish and French charm to the conference, as always, has a brilliant fashion collection Elite. In all its glory presents exciting new women's models. Glitter and shine stones Swarovski, sparkling under the sun Crimean not leave anyone indifferent. In addition to the well-known elegant women's collection presented watches for men – Elite men's fashion. A new collection of clocks Elite attracted the attention of not only the embodiment of contemporary trends in classical models, but also by men, so beloved of sports chronographs. The world-famous modeling agency so perfectly embodied the idea of fashion design hours that they were not only indicator of individual taste, but also ambassadors of the unique concept of activity and confidence.

Widely known and loved by all Japanese brand CASIO continues to amaze all the inexhaustible energy of ideas, as in the new collection of G-STYLER (G-Shock), and in the renewed collection of Baby-G, Casio Sport, Edifice. Under the motto TICKS JUST LIKE YOU (to keep up with its owner) model, as always, have complex specifications from avtopodsvetki, world clock, a thermometer, to hours with a notebook and a countdown timer. Presented a series of digital-analog clock with thermometer, water resistant up to 100m which is intended for people involved in water sports or leading Extreme lifestyle. I can safely say that the watch CASIO not only index the image of man, but also an indispensable tool in any situation.

Reasonable Need

But the question in this article do not go for them. In order to understand whom to start, I propose to consider the Internet as an independent trading platform. So, let's look at the thresholds of entry internet commerce primary point of investment. What you need to start your online business. In fact, not much. To open your own online business, first and foremost, you need to spend money on the production site, it is very trading platform. In general, the market price of the average online store may vary from one to five thousand dollars.

Second, you need the office, this may well go their own housing. What is not an office, and feel at work at home. The main thing is that you have a phone, because it is him you would call the numerous customers. To be successful you will naturally need to have a good range of products and offer Reasonable prices. Storage areas will not be necessary, because work you will be at seller's place, and this is again a substantial savings.

The scheme is simple and transparent, but what is hidden behind a screen, what the pitfalls can knock you off course. The first barter and most difficult to overcome the barrier will saturate your store merchandise. After all, if you're just starting out, then no self-respecting yourself and your brand manufacturer can not give you a price lower than any of its Dealers with turnover from 5000 thousand dollars a month. This is understandable, Internet shops today are growing like mushrooms after rain, and tell interesting and promising projects, built according to the rules of market economy from fakes quite difficult.

Euroset Business

I can say one thing: as in the 90's, and now you can build a business without specific investments, most importantly choose the right direction. Of course, you need to think globally, set ambitious targets (and rightly so), but if you want to create a federal network of audio-video home technology without adequate investment (tens of millions of dollars) began to develop from a small shop at 35 meters, you do not reach. See more detailed opinions by reading what Pete Cashmore offers on the topic.. If you are without sufficient means of open mobile showroom, you will initially lose such players as Euroset, Dixis and others. Why? Not because the owners of these networks smarter than you, but because they earned a certain status in the market, get their prices and bonuses for the goods they can easily open to 3 Salon Daily (According to Euroset), while closing a similar number (unofficial summary). Now a lot of vacant niches, to start using them, and most importantly – begin to deal with prospective business. It is extremely foolish to say: I will open a stall, make money and'll do something more serious. That will never happen. Small business, the so-called market or shovels remains so forever.

This does not mean that in this business You earn nothing (I do not know how much you want to make), this means that a business is subject to maximize the impact of external factors. What is a promising business? Take, for example, cleaning (Professional cleaning). A huge industry, growing quite rapidly in Russia (the growth of the market – 500% per year).

Vergabe Panel

Not every form is so or output directory that has been created in an authority self explanatory and not every procedure characteristic of different assignment immediately understandable and plausible. A standardization of the Exchange formats and workflows makes possible a guided preparation of quotation, technical examination of the offer documents, as well as a safe and valid tender. Here the Administration intelligence AG made available only recently of talk as it developed in cooperation with Wurzburg scientists and introduced bidding software already available. The AI is the aforementioned solution offer Assistant, multi platform bidding tool of AI AG and is available by registering for free download. A related site: Pete Cashmore mentions similar findings. The goal was the company to offer a tool to operate a larger number of different platforms.

The solution currently support a small, but significant Number of public procurement platforms this will be in the coming months but further expanded. Important features such as the platform-spanning search in bidding documents and publication texts as well as managing access data for the different procurement platforms, but also a guided and right safe quoting the solution already. Many more features to which the Chair of business administration and Business Informatics of the University of Wurzburg has contributed significantly will enrich the solution in the near future. The problems that arise when developing a multi-platform-bidder clients are obvious. The solution must use many desperate platforms. Even different platforms of a manufacturer are often in different versions and must be addressed technically different. Perhaps check out Pete Cashmore for more information.

The different business models remain a major obstacle. So, the Hessian tender database charges a fee HAD short, for not Hessian bidders. Vergabe24, however, pursued several business models. Another problem is that Central registration, the so-called SSO, it must be noted that the safeguards and which vary required data from platform to platform to achieve a consistent data set and to avoid possible duplicate here much effort had to be driven. The Wurzburg scientists have the experience already the XVergabe Panel presented. In cooperation with the Administration intelligence AG, the Chair of business administration and information management plans in the medium term the used interface, as well as the standard Exchange formats to publish University of Wurzburg to get to the XVergabe forward. Now others make effort to remedy the situation so the initiative is mainly by sub report publishers Sadri GmBH and the Fraunhofer Institute for open communication systems focus driven expressed again and again in conversation. Still, there is no official release date but it will be looking forward to further developments in this area. Finally, one can say that the electronic public procurement will prevail more and more because it offers fundamental advantages over the paper-based procedure. The multi-platform-bidder clients can lend a big push this development however. The development of the tenderer to the customer and to the most important target group in the eVergabe area will be in any case to stop and will provide another important impulse in this market segment. Dipl. inf. Pavel Kotlov Assistant at the Chair of business administration and information systems University of Wurzburg