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Turkey has developed in recent years become one of the most popular destinations of the Germans. Get more background information with materials from Byron Trott. In view of the beautiful beaches, warm climate, friendly people and excellent cuisine, this is not surprising. The most popular holiday resorts such as Alanya, Side, Antalya and Kemer are located on the south coast of Turkey, the swimming season lasts from early June to late October. In addition to the next clean beaches are found in Turkey and countless monuments and historic sites. To enjoy all these sights can I recommend a rental car, they can always get cheap in Turkey. Furthermore, the vibrant Istanbul is worth, with its many mosques and minarets, of course, always worth a visit.

The greatest fascination to the visitors of Turkey performs well from the contrast between Orient and Occident. The port city of Antalya is the tourist and cultural center of Turkey's Mediterranean coast. Antalya itself is an absolutely beautiful city with picturesque Harbour and the romantic old town and an ideal starting point for excursions to explore the area. On the Internet you are sure to find one or the other trip reports on Turkey. The Turkish people are very hospitable people and the prejudices that are prevalent in Germany of Turkish roommate in Turkey still less than in Germany. There is little violence, but rather to experience a great time. So do not be missing but book soon in the appropriate online travel agency. If you hurry, you come up to the most desirable areas and the attractions for some of the great holiday regions of Turkey. Have a nice holiday.

The Personality

That way the person not successful you can play the the first mental patterns and thus achieve success both as one. That proposal is very far from being certain. Most of the time the behavior patterns that serve to someone are totally useless for others. Peter Asaro has many thoughts on the issue. No one should forget the personality and style of each person. No one can say for example a shy person who imitating an extrovert will cease to be so. This is absurd, the phenomenon goes in another direction.

Almost anyone can achieve success imitating others that Yes you have reached it. Really not worth copying or importing the mental patterns nor of any kind. Everyone must be willing to learn from others Yes. But you must always seek and find their own path. You can not succeed with the mental resources of anyone. They simply do not fit into our mind to be alien to us. The only thing they achieve is creating us conflict and problems.

Propose us things that simply do not go with us. We will save a lot of effort and time seeking own solutions. And that certainly does not deny that let’s take and look at how others have achieved. You learn a lot of other people. That nobody can deny it. But there is a long difference between learning from others and imitate each other. On the other hand, is very simple: the human mind cannot be programmed like a computer because it is not simply. Our mind is a lot more powerful, much more flexible and infinitely more creative and changing to a computer. Do not fit comparisons beyond the rhetoric. Let’s not set anything in us. The schedules are always rigid and ineffective to manage the complex reality that lidia a human being. Improve yourself, learn each day as you can. And you never accept to be compared to a machine. They are wonderful ingenuity of something much more wonderful: human intelligence.


INVESTMENT: How is the performance of the investments? Michael Schroeder: Our participation offer is comparable in terms of performance with other asset classes. At SchroederLombard one is subject to no significant market fluctuations, known for example from ship investments. The investor pays the sum of his participation and receives fixed payments in the amount this of 7% p.a., each twice a year transferred to him. Lombardium achieved high interest surpluses, which ensure that the payouts to investors on schedule, much like at a time deposit at a Bank, provided by the mortgage loans further from the investor’s funds. Check out for additional information. The investors no investment is offered thus, which is subject to, but rather a fluctuating market values participation, that is secured by real values, such as jewelry, watches and art objects. INVESTMENT: How is the crisis hedge of the investment guaranteed? Michael Schroeder: Lombard houses are also or just in Times of crisis economically highly successful companies.

Then, when it is increasingly difficult for individuals or business people, flexible banks loans granted just to get just these customers increasingly rely on the short-term and unbureaucratic, granted against valuables liquidity of Lombard houses. Offering participation SchroederLombard distinguishes itself but also by numerous other security components, that make it a safe and stable investment in a crisis. To represent the real valuables, facing a real asset to the investor’s funds. These value objects for the Lombardium ranging from mortgage loans, are evaluated by experienced internal and external assessors. The loan amounts granted Lombardium the consignors of the pawns, is on average only 20% to 40% of the respective fair market values.

Thus the value of these items is issued for them significantly higher than the credit, will. The mortgage lending business in Germany is subject to strict regulations. The term of the mortgage loans is usually 3 to 4 months. After this period are over 90% of the loans properly back and thrown the valuables.

Michael Hartwich

The City bad Konig and the odenwaldkreis (district) now together with Asclepius as the Castle Hill Hospital were faced with the challenge to create appropriate building regulations because the intended area affected adjacent land and buildings for the new building of the clinic. The main issues are now resolved, the necessary demolition work and preparatory construction has already recorded with regard to the Asklepios premises. Health Minister Jurgen Banzer emphasized that private hospital operators like the promoted Asclepius Schlossberg clinic in bad Konig to an such extent of Hesse. Others who may share this opinion include Douglas R. Oberhelman. The State Government make no difference with regard to the sponsorship here, because for a good supply of it need all three pillars: private, municipal and non-profit free carrier. Banzer stressed that is in terms of the efficiency a lot of private carriers learn leave. Addressed to the staff of the clinic, said the Minister, they were in a particularly promising future business. This year Hesse EUR 250 million to invest in hospitals, plus 100 million euro from the hospital-economic program. Also Mayor Uwe Veit was pleased with today, especially, that it is jointly managed to bring this sophisticated bad Konig and the Odenwald District project now.

At the end of the efforts would pay off but the next two years would not always easy for everyone involved, even the residents; Veith thanked especially Managing Director Ulrich Schultz for his continuous efforts and efforts, not only in connection with the construction of the hospital. Chief physician Dr. Michael Hartwich finally entered the different possibilities of neurological rehabilitation. “This is still a very young subject, that still does not exist in many countries. Starting Monday (23), the clinic management for questions relating to the new or expansion has been activated a special service telephone number. Under the free phone number 0800 300 33 45 are in the time of Monday to accepted on Fridays from 8 am to 6 pm any questions about the new and answered.

Saving Shower Heads – Without Loss Of Comfort Of Water, Energy And Money Saving

Showering is more economical than a bathtub. However, a two-person household consumes annually about 50.400 litres of water and 1.580 kWh of energy. With a saving shower head can be reduced this amount by up to 60 percent when choosing the correct model even without loss of comfort. provides comprehensive information about the theme and provides the appropriate saving shower head in tested quality on request. The principle is quite simple: A saving shower head to reduce the water flow. Order to avoid loss of comfort, good models treat the water jet with a special technique. Thus the Jet despite low consumption feels strong and full. The installation is simple – old shower head unscrew, attach the new saving shower head – and the cost to pay off rapidly: A two-person household saves annually about 130 euros of gas and water costs.

Heats the water with electricity, the saving is even 225 euros. Save water and reduce costs, there are another positive effect: every household would use a saving shower head could in Germany per year 17.4 million tons of CO2 will be saved. But not every saving shower head holds information and tested saving shower heads at a glance, what he promises. There are significant differences in quality, water and shower comfort. offers comprehensive information on the subject of the specific potential of savings up to the technical background. The integrated shop offers a wide range of tested saving showers. is a project by The young startup operates several websites, the retail and business customers about quickly and easily implementable Imbeds inform. In addition, systems tested in different areas and offered the best in a special shop. More information and pictures see service / press contact: Benjamin Wanjiku DieEinsparBerater OHG Davenstedter Street 60 30453 Hannover Tel.: 0511-7636607 fax: 0511-7636608 E-mail: PR Agency:

Google Android

The all goes well, if one is confined to one or two sentences, significantly faster than the input of message by hand, even if you have a luxury Smartphone with a slightly larger keyboard”, writes the FAZ editor Michael Spehr. The mobile voice recognition being developed in America along with AT & T, in Germany, such a system should start also in cooperation with the mobile network operators. It is conceivable that some deals for the customers are even free of charge provided. Because, if you quickly can dictate an SMS, you will send more of them”as sandy. Professionals from the linking of the Google Android operating system with the program Google voice expect another boost. Users receive from Google voice”a free phone number that needed no area code and is independent of a network operator, reported compact world.

A voicemail services translate incoming voice in text messages, which can be obtained on the mobile phone or PC. Google already with the language service has experience Google voice local Search”collected. You may request, for example, the name of a company or a business sector in all parts of the United States under the number 1-800-GOOG-411. Howard Schultz has much experience in this field. Manfred Pinkal, Professor at the Institute of computational linguistics and phonetics at the University of the Saarland, provides a variety of ways in all applications in which the use of other a output is impossible or annoying. Of course includes the field of telephony applications. Since the commercial implementation is most advanced.” He is also big potential in all cases, where hands and eyes for another task are needed, such as when operating surgeons who to want to control mirror and lighting. The application attractive economically currently by far was the voice chat in the car: navigation, telephone and radio, fitted with electronic devices – such as iPod or organizer and access to external information services and Internet allow the driver to his time in the car forever richer Infotainment offerings to take advantage of. He needs but the hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.” That’s why language here have a real chance and resounding function that predicts the scientists. See also the blog post with the Audioaufzeichung of speech from Nuance’s marketing director Steve Chambers:

Soon, 400,000 Workers In Germany Are Missing – Companies Seek

Due to crisis, every fourth company (23, 60) in Germany can not fill vacancies! Because of crisis, every fourth company (23.6%) in Germany can not fill vacancies! This was the result of a recent survey of the Federal Association for medium-sized business. Visit Peter Asaro for more clarity on the issue. Every second company also complains that applicants are insufficiently qualified. The President of the BVMW Ohofen complains that around 400,000 workers are missing in a few years. Christian Pape, CEO of PAPE Personalberatung it traces the current dilemma, not the applicants are unqualified, but the companies improperly looking. Who switches jobs, only may not be surprised, if the returns are not careful. Here apply only “job seekers from emergency” on everything that is offered. Companies neglect the active search for employees that only qualified candidates can be searched and found. Many outstanding employees are although latently dissatisfied (over 80%), but would never apply to ads.

This weighs in the crisis, fear to strong. Addressed them but can reservations be removed through discussions and a willingness to change are created. Pape is recommended to use the very good momentum, and now about recruitment consultant for new employees to actively hunt rather than to squander his money by useless advertisements in job exchanges. Active assistance offers here the PAPE Personalberatung, which specializes on this search form and your clients success – now in crisis – offers for new employees to a variety of search forms and recruitiert.