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Job Descriptions

In modern meat processing plants, large grocery stores are widely used band saws. Band saws used for cutting into pieces of fresh and frozen meat, bones, fish and poultry gradually replacing the butcher, who chops the old-fashioned meat toporom.V currently in a serious enough competition in the market of food, important also look the goods offered will be proposed purchaser. Agree that neatly sliced meat on the saw looks much aesthetic than chopped with an ax. Bandsaw cuts the meat gently, smoothly, without any fragments of bone and without weight loss. Meat cutting saw takes much less time than logging. The saw easier to separate the more valuable parts of the carcass from less valuable. Finnish band saws are manufactured by the original technology, developed by ct, and may have the following performance: * with movable table * fixed table. * All equipment is working quietly with minimal vibration.

* Equipment can be easily disassembled for cleaning. Band saw comes fully ready to work. Little dwell in safety, as well as on those elements of saws, which are needed for this: * cutting on the saw must be performed quickly and rhythmically. * Do not try to exert physical effort for the product, allow the canvas saw to make this work. * The operator will not work more safely and efficiently, if he tries to apply the product to the leaf faster than the saw can cut. * When sawing, always place the bottom edge of the upper Lock the saw blade as close as possible to cut the product in this case, the cutting process is more accurate, moreover, is not protected only a small area saw blade immediately necessary sawing.