To Each His Own Theme .

To each his own subject. By Serafin Alarcon When you read the discussion board at least sometimes see is that, a sensible discussion. A good topic, and whether they speak to the atheists, but even that … Well, what is the subject of discussion in Facebook? How to sell a product or a super-natural drink, like selling a cell phone, Internet service, accounting service, a real estate broker, online games … And I say, every fool with his subject, although the discussion board is not for those purposes, are respected.

My madness is a cell phone or a super product, much less a sale, my madness has a name, a person is the best thing that can happen if we do not harden your heart … Christ is my madness. And if I want to criticize, well, do so. I enclose the comment routine: let a fanatic … I know Nothing, just kidding … It's good that "post" things and issues that are of relative importance and redundancy much less eternal …

As long as you are an inspiration and an excuse to write today something more than Christ. But then I take the time and abuse, yes, I confess … Tell me the truth? Tell me when was the last time? Tell me the truth … When was the last time you talked to him? Tell me when was the last time you quoted him alone? No, you may not listen, you do not attend and do not respond … Tell me the truth? When you've searched in earnest? Tell me if you have not fled far from their presence? When was the last to bend your knees? It has both your side and not the view. So I say: To each his own subject.

Man Sociology

Through the analysis of the geographic space, that understands everything and all while ' ' a set indissociveis of systems of objects and systems of aes' ' , we can understand the formation of social groups, the cultural diversity, as well as the appropriation of the nature on the part of the men. Beyond the symbolic dimensions more subjective as the feeling of the Man for the space where it lives express for the place concept. For Castrogiovanni (2000, p.12) Geography, History and Sociology form the triad where if guideline in the school today, the calls ' ' Sociais&#039 studies; '. If the paper of alfabetizao of the space, History fits Geography in turn ' ' it deals with? times? , while it deals with the experience human being in the production and reproduction of the ways of life partilhada for all and each one them homens.' ' Sociology, continues the author, is responsible for the approach in the social relations. Valley to remember that these are didactic divisions, therefore in the practical time-space and society they are not divisible, what it happens is the emphasis biggest given by each disciplines, that privileges the space (Geography), time (History), or still society (Sociology).

Of this form sciences human beings bring obtain a metodolgico problem in its education. According to Castrogiovanni (2000, p.12) some signs worked for these you discipline tend to appear dead front to the world of the pupil, therefore ' ' the meanings are academics and many times incompreendidos for the proper professors. They lack significaes for educandos.' ' However, if to work an education without significao, based only on the memorization of concepts, and used theories to be repeated in tests, would be thus being retrograde when reproducing an education that was defended by the dictatorship, that does not search reflection or agreement of the world that in the fence.

Ruhr Pulse

With ‘ heartbeat is the first health magazine of its kind for food. From mid-November is the publication for portability in numerous pharmacies, health and cultural centers. “Pulse” is published by the hospitals new health magazine food, food Center. In addition to the mega health issue, the first quarterly magazine offers a cross-section of current regional and seasonal themes. Practical content, “Pulse” readers to give assistance with questions about their own well-being. In addition, there are exciting portraits around the pulsating metropolis of Ruhr and its cultural and recreational opportunities just in time for the upcoming cultural capital year. “Pulse creates a local reference to the booming society on health and close the existing gap”, Bjorn Essen-Mitte sums up Kasper, head of marketing & communications at the clinics.

In contrast to other institutions, which like to use appropriate publications for self-promotion, the Publisher places emphasis on a high independent information content. This increases the credibility and creates direct added value for readers”, so Marcel Sekula by the agency early & bird, which has designed”Pulse”and implemented. The title theme of the current issue is called seasonal affective disorder. Here experts show how to recognize the signs and what sufferers and their relatives, however, can do. It also provides “Pulse” commercial value to topics of A such as Alzheimer’s to Z like dental implants.

Some 300 delivery points in the Ruhr metropolis to ensure a rapid spread of the magazine, which is free to take.

Meru Networks

Preliminary sales in the third quarter above the consensus forecasts of analysts of Meru Networks, the leading provider of virtualized, wireless 802.11 network solutions for businesses, announced recently that the President and CEO of the company, Ihab Abu-Hakima, that will leave the company in the course of the next six months. Abu-Hakima will work closely with the company Board of Directors to find a successor who can lead the company in its next phase of growth. “I believe that I have achieved my personal and business goals, and thanks to the positive development of Meru, now is the right time to pass the line to a new CEO who can take the company to the next higher level,” said Ihab Abu-Hakima, President and CEO of Meru Networks. “I’m leaving Meru at a time when I believe that our long-term business prospects were never better. We expand our global customer base with breakneck speed, increase our turnover, increase our inventory of committed sales partners, develop a comprehensive pipeline of new products and also increase our workforce.

I will lead more actively the company, while the company Board searches for a new CEO.” Meru also said that according to preliminary figures, the company will announce revenues for the third quarter, above the consensus estimates of analysts. After record sales in the second quarter, expected Meru a record turnover of 23.2 to $23.7 million for the third quarter, compared with a previous forecast of 22 to 24 million dollars. The company expects a growth in sales of products and services (less taxable revenues) of 18% compared to the third quarter 2010 to 20%. The non-GAAP gross profit, neglected the impact of stock-based compensation, will be the expectations according to up 64% from 63.0% to 63.5% and thus within the forecast range of 63%. The non-GAAP net of the impact of stock-based compensation and the amortization of intangible assets resulting from the acquisition of identity networks not taken into account, is the expectations according to between 0.22 and 0.24 dollars per diluted share move, compared to earlier forecasts of loss of about 0.17 shares up 0.23 dollars per diluted.

Backpacker Network Germany

Opinion of the backpacker network Germany e.V. to the press release of the SPD parliamentary group of 01.07.2011 titled youth hostels of the youth hostel to the hostels of the backpacker network Germany e.V. is the opinion of the SPD Bundestag group neither logical nor transparent. Of course the youth hostels of the youth hostel not benefit from the reduction of the VAT rate for commercial establishments, because the houses of the DJH free have always been from this tax. To complain now about equality introduced municipal taxes is more than bold. Established since the early of 1990s commercial competition in the segment of youth tourism is heavily distorted by tax subsidies for the youth hostels of the youth hostel. The hostels of the youth hostel shift its lodging business continues in the direction of commercial establishments such as hotels and hostels. As currently reported the meeting and seminar groups, as well as the family nights with over 30% contribute in Bavarian DJH houses to the load.

Families and couples are increasingly to the Guest group, in which the age doesn’t matter. Like the Youth Hostel accommodates these guests and a missing member ID card will be replaced by a day membership. According to the backpacker network e.V., this is not the purpose of the youth hostel itself has given. The DJH withdraws from the width is already for a long time. Houses are closed in rural locations, which are unprofitable, in favor of projects in major cities. As an example that can be the houses Pathpoint Cologne and in planning new hostel in Berlin/Friedrichshain observed.

The backpacker network Germany e.V. looks at the promotion no longer up-to-date, as the DJH increasingly intervene contrary to its own statute in the commercial accommodation market and calls on policymakers to act. It finally to ensure tax equality in this market environment, and to withdraw the status of the sales and business taxes the DJH would make sense. Board of Directors of the backpacker network Germany e.V. Holger Siefert Cathrin Essbach Sven Geier contact: backpacker network Germany e.

The Concept Of Welding Stresses And Strains

As a result of uneven heating of the metal concentrated source of heat in a welded structure having welding voltage – time and residual. Temporary welding voltage are valid only during the period welding when the temperature of welded metal. Voltage remaining in the metal after welding and complete cooling design, called the residual welding stresses. They arise from constrained thermal expansion and constrained shrinkage of metal during its heating and cooling. This constraint is due to the fact that the locally heated area of welding on all sides surrounded by the cold metal.

Additional fixing the workpiece (in the adaptation, with rigidly fixed) also interferes with normal processes of thermal expansion and shrinkage, and there are reactive residual stresses. When welding alloys with polymorphic transformations in parts of the welded joint metal, heated above the critical point, there are structural stresses. For example, when welding hardenable steels, heat-affected zone which martensite is formed with a large volume effect of transformation, the structural stresses reach high values. Distinguish three types of welding voltage. In welded structures of carbon and low-alloy steels are driven primarily by welding voltage of the first kind.

They are balanced and in amounts commensurate with the size or design of its individual parts. Welding voltage of the second and and third kinds are balanced within the microvolume and the individual grains of the metal. Depending on the direction of action in space distinguish welding voltage linear, or uniaxial, acting only on one axis, planar, or two-axle, acting in two mutually perpendicular directions, volumetric, or three-axle, acting in three mutually perpendicular directions. Direction of the action with respect to the axis cross stitch welding voltage different from the longitudinal. Technology, assembly and welding of structures should be tailored to ensure that the minimum values of welding voltage and when it is dictated by terms of design, include the removal of these stresses. If the values of welding stresses reach the yield point of the metal, then there is its plastic deformation, ie change the size and shape welded construction, called the warp. Arising during welding deformation is divided into time to develop only during the welding of the structure, and residues that remain after the welding and cooling design. Depending on the nature, form and size of the workpiece residual welding deformations are developed "in-plane" and go "out of the plane" of connected elements. Deformation "in the plane" appears in Change (decrease) the size of design, with what must be considered when cutting parts and assembly welding, providing allowance for resizing. Deformation "of the plane (angular deformation) occurs in Education bulge (hlopunov "), the local bending of sheets, the so-called mushroom bending zone during welding of elements of T-and I-sections, as well as other changes in forms of products. The magnitude and nature of residual strains are highly dependent on the thickness and properties of base metal, welding conditions, weld shape, consistency of their performance, design of welded parts. In developing the technology and build weld design should aim to reduce the residual strain. If the value of residual strain goes beyond tolerance, it involves editing the structure.

Network Power Consumption

The resulting low voltage long-term rise in temperature motor windings leads to a rapid aging of insulation and, consequently, to reduced service life. Overvoltage network power consumption and heat buildup in the windings of the motor also increases. When measured at the motor terminals voltage fluctuations within +6 / -10% from that specified in the nameplate nominal value, you can expect the design life of the motor. This will happen if current consumption is less than indicated on the nameplate value at full load, the motor is sufficiently cooled and does not cause any surges or asymmetry. In cases where differences over the permissible limits of short duration, also should not expect a significant reduction in the life of the motor, unless the value of the peaks are not so large that it would raise short- circuit in the stator windings. However, for permanent or long-term voltage fluctuations over +6 / -10% should choose an electric motor for industrial use will ensure an acceptable service life and efficiency.

For example, for particularly complex cases, leading companies are developing a special series of electric motors for industrial use (usually ranging from 2.2 to 22 kW) with high efficiency. For example, these motors are used in serial submersible pumps grundfos, which are successfully applied in various regions of Russia. Thus, in the Log, Sverdlovsk area pumps SP-125, equipped with scp, provide water to the city and surrounding villages and the plant. When that power surges are not uncommon, the equipment worked without problems and will reduce power consumption by 15%.

Network Operators

TELES enables network operators additional revenue in the cloud of Berlin, 19.07.2011. The TELES C5 IP Centrex platform for network operators in version 3.9 is now available. It is based on the TELES C5 application server that is optimized in this version for hosted unified communications solutions. Version 3.9 supports more devices, offers advanced calendar and phone book functions, as well as an individually adjustable code lock. TELES C5 IP Centrex is specially tailored to the requirements of the German and European markets. The infrastructure solution provides all of the features required in these markets communication (FMC) and unified communications (UC) for IP Centrex, fixed mobile. To the specific requirements of the operators and their customers she can flexibly adapt. The proliferation of IP Centrex is increasing in Germany: when compared to traditional PBX IP Centrex can create solutions at a low cost and operate.

Network operators can additional revenue with hosted PBX and UC offerings generate. The European”open stage is now configured for devices of Siemens series as well as end devices by Yealink IP Centrex TELES C5 IP Centrex platform in version 3.9. So far, the system of already leading the most devices manufacturers such as Siemens, Aastra, snom support. In addition, version provides 3.9 advanced calendar and phonebook categories, as well as an individually configurable code lock, which can prevent certain outgoing external calls. TELES C5 IP Centrex supports all common TK-systems functions, including answering machine -, Conference -, routing, IVR, CTI functions as well as a smooth fax reception and shipping”, explains Frank Paetsch, CTO of TELES. Add the demand in Europe features such as flexible night circuits, the entire range of ISDN performance features or configurable Chief Secretary functions are specifically ‘. This is crucial in this country for the success for the end customer and distinguishes TELES from American producers.” The only German-speaking “Manufacturer of carrier-grade” IP Centrex TELES has been offering its own IP Centrex infrastructure solutions since 2007.

Schools Network Devices

Power supply of the PCE Germany GmbH are for use in the field of industry, laboratory and universities developed. Power supply of the PCE Germany GmbH are for use in the field of industry, laboratory and universities developed. The regulator of the power units have a coarse and a fine adjustment. Because of this dual role, very accurate adjustment is facilitated by current and voltage with the network devices. The energy suppliers to provide voltage of 230 V the population. This provided voltage can be adjusted by the user through the key network devices on a selectable level down. Mainly a power supply unit provides the common voltage of 12 V, since experiments with power supply units little or no personal injury may occur.

Of course the voltage or current range can be adjusted with a power supply unit also. There are two types of network devices. A distinction between conventional power supply units and between the switching power supply. The conventional power supplies, also Trafonetzgerate called, used usually only for special applications, because its structure is very complex. Laboratories often use power units that have a memory function, since it offers the possibility of the laboratories, often used voltages and currents with a simple touch of a button to get on the network devices.

These power supply units with special memory function are designed mostly as switch mode power supplies and find on every bench seat, because they are very compact, lightweight and small. Test circuits are connected to the mains via the safety Sockets. These useful devices offer on top a long life, which are cooled by a very quiet fan, in the active state. In addition to the power supplies for laboratory and workshop area, there are also power supply for mounting on DIN-rail. Its area of application is the control technology. High-performance power supplies, for the small price of the PCE Germany GmbH are for professional use in industry, Universities, laboratories and workshops are best suited.

Software Defects

Online shops are always in high demand, which has confirmed past once again weeks in. Order something at the last minute and it arrives the next day. Search, compare and bargain hunters and if you get the product you’re looking for in a shop cheaper than elsewhere, the joy is great. Whether at consumer baby – or beauty products, the customer gladly accepts the price falls. Some operators of online shops are likely to but just not now enjoy the profits. What happened? An IT service provider representative with the programming imported accidentally wrong prices, updated daily by the provider.

Was not considered but what had changed the format of the list, and thus it came to the scandal. Accidentally imported the wrong column. This small error ensured that there were several products even more than the purchase price. Joy for the customers, but bad luck for the client, who had a significant loss of revenue as a result. Because until you noticed this, the articles were relevant paragraph, the also by the shop owner initially unnoticed was. The trouble to the profits for which the ordering party was great. He took his IT service provider liability, because it had imported the prices finally wrong.

This damage shows the liability risks of IT services very vividly in the E-commerce. This financial damage also known as pecuniary loss by revenue or loss of profits. Therefore, it is important to conclude an IT liability insurance which includes damage to property and asset damages. Large insurance sums are advisable here, as well as to make sure that you on the State of the art “clause waived. Because you could say yes, why has the IT service provider not even tested this import? It happened so now time damage, which perhaps would have could be avoided, but also uncovered little mistakes happen. To protect themselves, however, you should bear in mind. It recommends the gmbh IT civil liability insurance with high coverage levels and transparent condition factory. On the insurance portal can IT and computer companies, but also IT professionals determine the right protection for your insurance needs. For more information also see gmbh which is gmbh a leading real for the IT – and telecommunications industry. Defined together with partners and customers, developed and realized the gmbh branch-specific solutions precisely to customer needs tuned. The goal of the gmbh is to check the insurance protection of all involved parties on gaps in coverage, consistently to close them and on reasonable terms. The IT-liability-insurance combines many years of experience of the world’s leading insurance companies, and one of the leading insurance brokers in the IT industry, the gmbh. The gmbh is with continuous advice and IT expertise as a partner to the side. With a trained staff of sales employees and highly qualified The care specialists gmbh to your needs. And for the principal, entrepreneurs receive proof of your IT liability insurance as a safe decision basis. The gmbh is close to the customer, it is companies and IT freelancers at all times aside, even in the event of damage she has good contacts to well-known experts, as well as lawyers. So the renowned law firm DLA available E.g. in the event of damage Piper without any extra cost.