Continental Europe

Carlin sales direct, S.A., the leading chain in the field of stationery in Spain, has been the company chosen by Hewlett – Packard (HP) to introduce a new concept of reprography and digital printing business international. The Alliance leverages the existing synergies between the company’s stationery and activity of HP. This agreement was presented at the XV Edition of Expofranquicia. Carlin stand in the living room was shared with HP, so they could show entrepreneurs the advantages of this new system. The new system, called HP Print Station, part of the vision 2.0 that has HP’s printing as something relevant and inspiring, as content moves from the desktop to the web, says Paolo Dal Santo, Director of the HP Print Station program in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). We decided on Carlin because he is a reference in the world of the franchise and the consumable. HP Print Station is a service of printing for businesses and Carlin offers the largest capillarity of Spain to reach them selling consumable. Usually, the person who needs stationery products also needed printing products.

The union is ideal in this regard. Thus refers Joan Morales, head of Marketing of HP image and printing, the agreement with the chain of stationery which leads the sector in our country and in neighboring Portugal, and has almost 500 establishments throughout your network. Pioneer, is a project since the agreement with Carlin only includes Spain and Portugal and it’s the first implantation in Continental Europe adds Morales. The HP collaboration and economic developments have led Carlin to slightly modify its current business model to increase the market niche which are directed and achieve, so that the final customer will find everything you need in one place, with the quality and guarantee that bring both brands. Carlin sold from now their business models hiperpapeleria and ofimarket – with the addition of the HP project.

Digital Camera

Many technologies started out as highly complex devices for professional technical tasks. In the case of digital photography, it has been upside down. For a long time professional photographers did not see with good eyes to digital cameras. They were small devices with a poor definition, impractical when it comes to retouching and too simple to operate how to call photographer uses them to whom. Fortunately, technology has evolved and it is possible to find high resolution, durable equipment and you can create professional looking photos with the greatest possibilities of editing, playback and mounting. Which qualities look for in a digital camera? The step from analogue to digital is very difficult for many families to change their old analog cameras by digital devices that are not so large, so flashy or with as much tradition in the family.

The cameras are sometimes, that German or Japanese camera which was bought in the 70s or 80s with great effort. But the cameras Digital, apart from being much more practical, allow you to store more photos, edit some details and export to digital formats that can be sent by email. It is a big step to change large albums by small Memory Sticks or Flash memory USB flash. A big step, which means share it with some other images of the family who is amazed, friends who are not here. What should look for in a digital camera? There are three main qualities that must be sought in any camera, whether it is a professional team or a camera for personal use. 1.

Definition: Make an image look more or less sharp depends on the definition, which is the number of pixels on a square measure. The smaller number, lower definition (less clear details, more blurred images, poor colours and more digital images). Higher definition, greater number of pixels and, therefore, better quality images, more akin to a real photograph. 2. Memory: the higher-definition images take up more space, bigger memory allowing better exploit native resources of the cameras and that allows to have best photos or larger volumes of Thomas. All cameras come with potential for expansion of memory (Memory Sticks or other storage formats) which is almost that having a larger roll. 3. Control of exposure: exposure control allows you to define how long the diaphragm of the camera (which allows the passage of light) will be open. Less light, more exposure. A good digital camera has preset exposure options (for outdoor, nighttime shots, special effects) and a manual control of exposure for expert photographers. A digital camera represents a change in customs. People no longer have to wait to see how a photo comes out (because these cameras have viewfinders) and may request a best photo at the time.

Savannah University

After a year and a half living in the air, the Colombian Digital Library brings together today about 27,000 titles of virtual consultation for those seeking academic and scientific production of the country’s universities. page registers between 5,000 and 10,000 visits a day. University Autonoma of Occidente, Icesi, Santiago de Cali, Rosario, Savannah, national, Minuto de Dios, Salle, North, autonomous from the Caribbean, Eafit, Medellin and Antioquia constantly climbing your material to the portal, which is open access. The largest digital offer focuses on magazine articles: some 20,000 are part of the bag’s content library, of which 14,000 were contributed by the National University. Follow the thesis: 1,750 and 95 percent of them are produced by undergraduate students; Eafit contributed 1,100 and the Universidad de Medellin, 270. The remaining material is cultural, artistic and literary content.

Users, simply, digitan by word or term key topic of your interest and the system returns the results of your search quickly, says Edwin Montoya, Eafit University and coordinator of the Project Library Digital Colombiana. The material you access 24 hours a day, free of charge. The texts of thesis and articles are displayed in its entirety. The thesis that there we deal with all areas of knowledge and to facilitate their incorporation into the network we adopt the policy of accepting these works only in electronic format, and not on paper, says Margarita Lisowska, Director of the library of the University of Rosario and participant in the construction of this project.At year end, it emphasizes Lisowska, expected that 50 universities with their respective productions might be added to the digital library. We will track more consulted to know where academic interests move articles and theses. The goal is to index all academic and scientific production that will be possible, Montoya stresses. Even, it is already under way the creation a library Digital Latin American project led by Colombia, and which eight countries would part. It is expected to start operating in 2013. The Colombian Digital Library has the support of the Ministry of national education and of the national academic network of advanced technology (Renata).

International CES

For the first time LG Electronics (LG) presented its full range of smart appliances, known by the name of LG through technology, at the 2011 International CES. This innovation consists of five key features: Smart Grid (responsible solutions), Smart Diagnosis (general diagnosis of the home & service LG), Smart Access (access to resources), Smart Adapt (adaptation to needs) and Food Management (power management). LG through Technology offers a complete smart solution that allows consumers to manage their homes in a more centralized and convenient way. First Smart Grid would be in charge of giving solutions special to the home support, care when it comes to the consumption of resources such as electricity, water and gas. For its part Smart Diagnosis is responsible for reporting damage and respective service LG of the resources that are used in the home, as it would be an optimal service monitors LG. For its part, Smart Access It will be a type of remote control that will provide access total to the different resources of the household just give some orders essential, while the Smart Adapt will be the ability that the different resources of the home is updated mantangan and stays within a given standard of efficiency. Finally, the Food Management will be an application that will help you limit and know how to use different food resources in order to save them and make them the most for our benefit. With all these innovative functions and intelligent options, LG through Technology is helping consumers a life more comfortable and enjoy a new level of convenience and interactivity.