Cleaning Computers

All the personal computers to the measure that the time passes start to join dirt in the screen and crumbs of food in the keyboard. to keep its clean computer is basic so that it functions perfectly. It sees these tips of as to keep its clean computer:? To clean the monitor it is recommended that if it uses a flannel that does not free lints. This flannel must be humid. For the keyboard it uses a brush with soft bristles and pass well in all the keyboard keys until removing complements the dust.

The external handles also must be clean. First pass a brush in the metallic part of the handle to remove the dust, after pass a humid cloth and soon after a dry cloth and waits a little handle to dry it completely. External part of the cabinet: dislocate all the handles and pass a brush to remove all the dust.? Internal part of the cabinet. This you must have well-taken care of more, mainly in cleaning cooler, that she is the responsible one for leaving its cooled computer, clean cooler with care and remove all the dirt contained in it. Mouse also must be clean, is enough to catch a humid cloth and to clean well all the parts, thus it do not lock more during the use. With these simple tips you obtain to keep its computer functioning for much time. One remembers to make this cleanness at least a time to the month, thus you does not run risks of the computer to ruin due to cleanness.

Computer Science in Schools

The use of Computer science in the school: conceptions and mechanisms. Altina Magalhes Coast Throughout Brazilian History the Education was influenced by some theoretical chains: traditionalism, escolanovista, tecnicista, progressive each one basing on the vision of the scholars of the education and on different phases of evolution of the society. All had contributed of excellent form in the educative process of the nation and of certain form they had helped in the education of our people. However each one of these theoretical chains has its conceptions of education learning focada in an only component of the process education learning, factor that differentiates one of the other. Of this affirmation what it can be losted in thought it is that each one presents gaps that do not fill the yearnings of a society in evolution, and this it left deep marks in the education of our country. Currently it is known that the education is a process that receives influences from all these theories and for this exactly if it cannot center the attention in only one mechanism as before, therefore it is incurred into the error to compromise all the process to teach and to learn.

To teach and to learn are two faces of the systematic Education and even of the assistemtica, its mechanisms of influences are self-regulating of this process. Amongst these mechanisms the motivation can be pontuar, the knowledge of the progress for educating, the didactics, the avaliativo method, the relation professor-pupil and pupil-pupil, the integration of the affective and cognitiva part, the instructive one and the educative one. This mechanism also supplies is requisite psychological and pedagogical essentials for the citizens objects of this process that are the educator and the educandos, therefore both teaches and learns at the same time in a dialectic that has as intention to contribute for the integral formation of the individual that is of educating so that this becomes capable to search solutions intelligent for the diverse evidentes problems today in the society, as well as for the formation of values and ethical principles take that them to promote action of citizenship collective to live it well in community.