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My parents, and perhaps in yours, and probably every house used to be photo albums, large and small, in a velvet sash and simple. They kept photographs of children and adults on a variety of celebrations. Recently was visiting his son, and decided to look at wedding photos. Fifteen years later, yellowed photo, became visible defects. Well, I can restore them in Photoshop. Someone may order the professional. Today, when almost every house has a computer, in my opinion is a wonderful way out – to do this wedding website.

So there will be no pictures to be affected by time. There is another advantage create a wedding website. For example, your friends or relatives living far away, may in another country. Come to your celebration is quite difficult. Invitations will not take you much time. Over the years, erased the memories of One of the major events in your life. At the wedding site can accommodate photos, made a slide show with music. Do compare static picture with a live video image with the music.

How many times you are going to refresh pleasant memories, looking at your site. Bustle of the holiday, a large number of guests will not give you the ability to fully perceive the events of your wedding. On the website you can place your interesting stories Guests and relatives of the events that you have not noticed. Later you can add interesting events in the first years of his life. I can assure you that the wedding site – a timeless memory for years to come for you and your children. Author H. Hajek By materials of

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