Napoleon Bonaparte

To explore the web-process which, in English, is called web crawling or web spidering, "each developed its own search engine technology, their own programs. The "logic" by which a crawler captures and discriminates information depends on the algorithms with which it was designed. The term comes from the mathematical algorithm and means something like a sequence of instructions, specifically, in computing, an algorithm is a kind of minimum unit of programming, an equation that indicates the steps to solve a problem. At first, walked crawlers only the hunt for metatags that every website had coded in HyperText Markup Language (an acronym that recognizes all internet: HTML). There, in the HTML, in square brackets included a technical description, brief and concise web site content. And if the metatags said that in that corner of the web, there was an unprecedented picture of Napoleon Bonaparte, in Acapulco, at 3:00 pm on June 18, 1989, as the search engine made it part of your database .

Are the limits of automatic operation. Indeed, how can "teach" a machine to identify a lie? + The dishonesty of webmasters Soon the web site managers realized that the key lay metatags to be positioned in the top of the lists proposed by the search engines. Several studies have confirmed that the eye of the user of the site looking from top to bottom and from left to right the latter, of course, in languages that read from left to right, include us among the first ten addresses in a list increased exponentially the chances of attracting Internet users and became synonymous with success on the web.

Protect Your Position !

Reaching the top of search results is one thing, keeping this position is a different part of the game It takes much time and effort to get a higher ranking in search engines, but once you’ve reached You must continue to deploy your efforts to stay there. The many tasks you have performed to achieve this excellent positioning must be conducted continuously to stay on top. This includes the regular updating of your website, but for the most part, stay on top of search results from further optimization techniques off-page. In other words, you must continue to make these one-way incoming links. You want inbound links to your site from websites that receive a lot of traffic but are also in high ranks of search engines for these keywords.

And as you get inbound links from such sites, search engines see you as a site equally important.

There are many ways to get an inbound link on the websites of other persons. The best way, however, is to participate in their blogs, submit content, and if permitted to join their forums and include your own link in all these activities. If you contact the site owner to request a link to your site, you are asked very often to make an exchange. Reciprocal links or link exchange, links are often vanish, at worst penalize you, it depends on the mood of Google. If you got the famous Google PageRank, you can freeze it or do you absorb another site in lower or zero PageRank. The outbound links have a worse effect on your rankings, because they are considered spam by Google.

The effect on the PageRank will simply disadvantageous. You need to be careful that you allow outgoing links on your pages, generally avoid them and go instead to the conquest and the establishment of incoming links. For this reason, it is better to find another way to get your link on this site. If really no other means are possible, then accept the link exchange if the site is really worth your point of view, that of your visitors and the search engines in general (note the PageRank for Google). You just need to continue to raise your website by adding content on a regular basis, adhering to all rules of SEO optimization and obtaining continuous inbound links to your site important. Other strategies can also help you grow your site on high ground. Study well the new movements such as social network marketing, including blogs and Twitter that makes a lot of noise in the world and which will soon sweep across France. So be ready!

Speech To Text

As technology helps us to improve pronunciation When I saw the challenge of I was really lucky to have hit it off with the children in this country who were willing to endlessly repeat the phrases until I could understand and play, I also made use of a small recorder to read my texts that I subsequently listened and tried to imitate all this was very helpful. Now I make use of technology to these things. On the Internet there are multiple pages and dictionaries as well writings also give you the meanings of spoken gives so you know exactly how they are pronounced, there are also interesting applications of voice recognition software that can help improve your pronunciation. Such applications are known by the English acronym STT (Speech To Text) that translates speech to text.

There are also applications that are specially designed for language learning but I particularly use STT tools have been created but for the user to dictate text to the machine and that the written language is transcribed to be used as training to improve pronunciation because only tool installed this becomes tedious faithfully transcribe what you say to what is required to dictate extensive training texts in order to preset the software suits your voice and of course, you can be sure that if the machine ends to understand you, so will any native speaker you are training as the program draws on the language phonemes concerned, ie the sounds that are necessary to pronounce any word. For example, the English language is composed of 80 phonemes that once you learned it will be sufficient to read any book that may seem complicated, whether they understand the meaning of each word at least be in a position to pronounce each word correctly and you’re in the dictionary words that you do not know because the pronounce with confidence without fear that you’re saying something wrong. I have served for more than six years as administrator of Linux systems and micro. I’m a fan apacionada free software and new technologies in general, extreme sports and languages. I practice a discipline known as the BMX flatland. Currently recido in Bogota Colombia from which development projects based on free software.